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My next post was supposed to contain a recipe of the veggie lasagna you saw featured in this weeks What I Ate Wednesday. But instead I felt like talking about more random stuff today. Like, what outfit I wore writing my second exam out of three this morning:

outfitGrey sneakers, dark blue jeans, ramones t-shirt, grey blazer and a comfy scarf

Please excuse the terrible chaos in my corridor. My flat is really not presentable at the moment and I cannot wait for all the exam-load to be gone on Saturday so that I can fit in a serious tidy and clean session.

What helped me keep my sanity this week was my daily portion of training (read the 30 day The Daily Hiit challenge), blog posts (you make my days, girls!) and food experimenting. And no breakfast made me as happy as the one I’ve thrown together today:

oatmeal greek yogurtInspired by all the yogurt messes out there (and you know who the queen of yogurt mess is) I thought about an alternative topping to cereal – because, call me crazy, I just was not in the mood for cereal this morning. Guess what: quickly microwaved cinnamon plum oatmeal made a great substitute. I also added some blueberries, peanut butter and agave. What did I like most about it? The mixture of cold and warm in my mouth, as well as the refreshing taste of yogurt combined with the sweet, comforting taste of oatmeal and the saltiness of the peanut butter. I could go on forever… so I better make myself change the subject:

Where the heck can one buy Greek yogurt in Germany?

And I am not talking about the 10% dessert-kind one, but the health foodie high protein deal, that I bet every HFB from Germany was scanning the Grocery stores for at some point. So how did I make the great discovery that Greek yogurt is nothing more than a dairy product in between yogurt and quark? I searched the web for how to make it myself: Greek yogurt is prepared like normal yogurt and strained afterwards – just not as long as quark.

Your wondering how to enjoy the great consistency of Greek yogurt without bothering to go through the process of yogurt making at home? Guess what, I do actually have two variations for you:

A) Buy some quark and yogurt and mix them up at home, until it has the desired fluffy consistency.

B) This kind of quark: Rewe Bio Speisequarkzubereitung

has actually exactly the same nutritional values as Nonfat Greek Yogurt and there is also a 2% fat variation, which I do prefer. So hit the stores!

And here I come to the last random topic of my last post of January:

vegan beer chili

Remember how I mentioned making Vegan Beer Chili last year in preparation for my mom’s birthday dinner? Guess what, I found leftovers today. Don’t raise your eyebrow – I found them in my freezer and they made for one really happy girl, considering the fact that I did not have to cook my lunch apart from some quinoa. And did you ever try to add avocado to your chili? The combination was so good – I will never again have chili without it. Plus, it gets even better – I have two more portions to enjoy over the course of the next days.

You see: fueling myself while dieting works out great for me so far. Hope you had some equally delicious meals today? And please let me on about your favorite toppings for Greek yogurt!