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you better know know know that i have conditions
i make the rules and make the decisions
and i want nothing less than what i deserve
so you better run run run
before i decide that you are mine
two stars will collide

(Celeste Buckingham – Run Run Run)

I had the best possible start of a Sunday today! My first run after the winter break.

redhoodieSorry for this shameless selfie-pictures. (btw – not my flat, it’s my boyfriends moms taste of decoration in the background) And I love my red running jacket: it makes me feel like superwoman *geek*!

After my boyfriend promised yesterday evening to go on a morning run with me, I actually made him do so at 8 am today. He hated me for a few minutes, but forgave me afterwards.


Though the weather really wasn’t the best – it is about 1°C out here and quite rainy – we still enjoyed our run and wake up time. Usually it is more like me being the happy, bubbly morning person and him not getting out of bet before 11 am and then refusing to talk until his mood settles around 12. So this was nice for a change and I hope that we will repeat this sometime soon – probably on the nearby sports field, so that he can run faster than me.

Later I visited my parents for breakfast and some long due quality time with my mum. I haven’t seen her since Christmas. We are both busy working (she is a teacher) and studying, so somehow we didn’t manage to see each other sooner. Nowadays I enjoy every minute spent with my family – it’s hard to believe how I taken them for granted when I was a teenager and spent most of my time at home sitting in my room in front of the PC. Since I moved out for university at the age of 19 our relationship became so much deeper.

So after returning home (I had such a great time reading on the train ride home – the book is captivating already!) I made a wrap for lunch with … deep breath … sliced turkey breast. It’s no biggy, but recently I started craving meat. So from time to time I have some chicken or beef.



First I made it pizza style: diced tomatoes, turkey slices and feta. After baking for a few minutes I added some avocado and spinach leaves and a carrot as side dish. It was divine…

What is your favorite pizza topping / wrap filling? Did you ever use wraps to make pizza? Are you a runner and do you take a winter break?