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Today’s “What I Ate Wednesday” post will be slightly different for two reasons. First, I forgot my mobile phone in the car, with a lot more pictures of recent eats, and after listening two hours to an unintended lecture about the Augustus Obelisk in Rome and whether it is a sundial or not I am really not in the mood to get out of my pj’s and back on the street. It’s 11 pm by the way. Second, I wanted to write about another food related topic but my daily intake in pictures: Yesterday I finally updated my “about” page and the update took me quite some soul searching and mindful writing, so I decided to include it in today’s post.

So lets talk food now, and especially about our behavior regarding the topic.

There are quite a few books that inspired my journey to health significantly and that I would love to recommend to everyone:


First of all Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food” builds the base of my healthy eating believes – “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” just sums it up best. If you are not such a big fan of reading books as I am, I recommend that you watch the documentary: Hungry for Change, which goes in the same direction and provides a great base of information.

In the beginning of 2011 I stumbled over “The China Study” from Prof. Campbell and it turned my view on health upside down for a while. I chose to eat vegan for about a year and most of the recipes you are going to find on my blog do not include dairy, eggs or meat. Some other great sources regarding the benefits of a vegan diet and amazing recipes are Kris Carr’s “Crazy Sexy Diet” and her recently published “Crazy Sexy Kitchen” (also a great basic cookbook for people who want to learn cooking with vegetables) and Alicia Silverstone’s “The Kind Diet”. Both of this great Ladies have their own blogs (1&2) and are still an inspiration for me, though I made some adjustments to my diet over the last year.


My body started to crave non-vegan foods – starting out with seafood, which I added pretty soon, later followed by eggs and some dairy (I still enjoy my soy milk) and recently even some meat (especially beef and chicken). So I did some soul searching and I admit, I was confused for a while and not sure how to handle these cravings. On the one hand I am still convinced that vegan foods are great for your body and I want to avoid animal cruelty as much as possible, on the other hand my cravings where proofed right by blood tests which showed that I was severely iron deficient, to the point of being anemic. I also did gain quite some weight over the course of 2012. Of course I wrote my bachelor thesis and started my master studies, but I also believe that the uncertainty what to eat and refusing to feed my body what it asks for led me to have unhealthy alternatives as a form of compensation.

Thus I made up my mind and decided to follow a different, quite revolutionary route: If I crave it – I eat it. In my opinion this is the healthiest approach possible. I mean, being unhappy, having cravings and not enjoying the most beautiful thing in the world – F-O-O-D – how healthy can that be? (Leaving aside that it will leave you totally wrinkled up in sorrow, and that’s not too pretty.)

(source: http://www.anktangle.com/)

On related terms I am flirting with intuitive eating again. To loose some of the unwanted, depressing pounds I gained in 2012 I put myself under some harsh calorie restrictions in the beginning of January, and loosened them up a lot after recognizing how wrong this direction was, again. I am still counting calories and I will not say that I believe counting calories is terrible – it helps a lot of people to understand how their body works and which foods are high in energy or low – but it is not the easygoing healthy lifestyle I am aiming for. Currently I am reading Bethenny Frankel’s “Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting” after watching her Authors@Google video and must say that I like it so far, though I’ve been skeptic at the beginning. I promise to post a book review after finishing it. And of course a lot of your amazing blogs out there are a great source of inspiration and motivation. I know so many amazing women who made quite similar experience as mine and ended up being healthy, happy and chilled out about their eating. Just needed to mention it at this point: you are truly the BOMB!

And after all of the seriousness and mindfulness I won’t make you read a lot more and just give you a quick glance on what I’ve been eating:

greek yogurt with oats

my current breakfast obsession: Greek yogurt with oatmeal, frozen raspberries and almond butterthai curry soup

Ginger Carrot Soup with diced salmon protein fudge

Protein Fudge with Greek yogurt, banana, nougat whey protein, coconut flour and dark chocolate chunks

Do you have a set of rules when it comes to food? What or who inspired your healthy lifestyle? What is your opinion about restricting certain food groups?

EDIT: I was so excited when I noticed that this month’s is WIAW “Love Your Veggie’s month”, that I needed to add two pictures of how I sneak veggie’s into my meals!

ginger carrot chicken

I used up my remaining ginger carrot soup leftovers to make a quick delicious meal: Ginger Carrot Chicken with brown rice and steamed broccoli

mini frittatasAnd yesterday I finally whipped up a recipe, that waited in my bookmark-list for a while now: Mini Frittata Muffins (I skipped the prosciutto) filled with spinach, oyster mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. As a side I made a simple sweet potato mash and some salad.