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Good morning, foodies!

Today’s post will not be too wordy, since my boyfriend and me spent yesterday evening in the cinema, enjoying THE movie of this winter season:

Django_Unchained_Poster(source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Django_Unchained )

I won’t tell you more, just this much: go and watch it. It’s worth the money and the time spent. And afterwards you’ll probably be like me: counting the days until the DVD comes in store.

Still impressed and with a pile of work in front of me, I will share some of my recent eats with you and put you off till tomorrow, when I will write another post about my intuitive eating journey.

walkThe little things in life… Sunday I enjoyed a beautiful morning walk. Sadly I am quite a sissy when it comes to cold – so I can still not start out with my morning runs. But the walk was a wonderful alternative.

life changing breadLater I baked this beauty of a bread and I have to say, that it really is kind of life changing. Thanks to Sarah Britton from mynewroots.org for my new favorite bread. I changed it up a bit, since I had no psyllium seed husks at hand – I substituted them with flax meal and also substituted half of the rolled oats with oat bran.

bread and camembert

Add some organic camembert on top and you have yourself the perfect mid-afternoon snack.

miso stew

Last but not least the most heart-warming dish I know. Bf and I were craving Japanese food after watching this episode of Munchies. So I cooked up a quick miso stew with soba noodles, broccoli, mushrooms, cucumbers and veggie meatballs (though meatballs might not sound to japanese, you would be surprised how often you find meatball dishes in Japanese restaurants).

Leaving you with one more picture of my beautiful walk…


I really cannot wait to buy a SLR! This year will finally be the one… just need to save up the money.

… I am heading back to work.

A beautiful Wednesday to all of you. May your meals be delicious and your day full of joy!