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When I started out with intuitive eating and stumbled over the advice to stop thinking about “what would be the healthy or low calorie thing to eat” and instead consider “what would I like to eat, right now” for the first time, I have to admit: I was frightened to the bones. I mean, seriously, during a diet everything my mind is craving sounds like baked with a cheese crust, or ooey gooey chocolate cake, or melting on your tongue ice cream … you get the idea. So when I heard that I should actually give in to these cravings, I wondered how long it might take until I would need a bigger pair of jeans to fit in.

Good thing, that the books or blogs I read and the youtube videos I watched told me exactly the same, what I will tell you now (because I am quite sure, that when you are just starting out with intuitive eating, will have similar fears):

R.E.L.A.X. In a few days, or maybe even hours, you will start craving apples and salad, just as much as you are craving fast food and sweets right now.

I started out going to the grocery store and buying what I forbid me to buy while dieting – since not having it in the house meant not eating it. I bought chocolate bars, candy, crisps (not such a huge fan of them though), white flour pastries and… frozen dinners. Seriously the last one is what I always avoided, since they are usually full of unhealthy components, fatty and mouthwatering delicious. My boyfriend seems to live on them, but while he is having his pop out of the box and into the oven lasagna, I would usually go for some salad instead.

The first days I snacked on chocolate a lot. But I also noticed, that the more I was relying on sweets as a snack, the more I craved healthy meals for lunch or dinner. I actually wanted vegetables.


And also, after I finished a package of one kind of cookies, which I craved for such a long time before (and it took me some days to finish it, since I stopped eating when I wasn’t hungry anymore) – they lost their magic. Really. Now I can pass them in the supermarket and do not feel the slightest interest to buy them. It is nearly the same with frozen dinners. Yesterday after 1.5 crazy hours of kickboxing all I wanted was the lasagna in my freezer. I was seriously hungry and thought I would inhale the whole package in no time. But, hey, I enjoyed the first few bites a lot, the second third of the package was still okay, but than I was like – I seriously do not want to eat the rest. I was done. The lasagna was lying next to me while I read through some blog posts and half an hour later I threw it away, happy and satisfied Today when I think about lasagna I feel like there is no want to have it anytime soon.

saladBut there is a serious want for more huge salads like the one above, which I had for lunch yesterday. (Recipes for the Cheesy Quinoa White Bean Balls will be published soon.)

I also still crave delicious bowls of eggy banana oats with dollops of peanut butter for breakfast:

nana oats

… but someday’s I want something sinful, just like this morning.

cinnamon roll french toastAnd I devoured every single bite of this cinnamon roll french toast (recipe will also be posted the next days). Without a trace of remorse.

For snacks I still  like to grab chocolate and cookies a lot, but what I crave even more often is yogurt with fruit.


In my eyes there is nothing more satisfying. I go for the low fat version instead of the non fat (sadly, my belly isn’t able to handle the full fat) – like with everything I eat, I now choose taste over quantity.

Because Josie Spinardi teached me well: There is no such thing as a fattening food. There are more energy dense foods. They provide more fuel for your body and fill you up longer. So you won’t eat as much of them and won’t be hungry as soon as after eating less energy dense foods.

Lesson learned. Thanks, Josie.

Do you consider your diet to be well balanced? How often do you allow yourself treats and fast food? Are you choosing the high in volume or energy dense option?