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Happy Wednesday, pretties! I thought I’ll take the chance and share my last week of intuitive eating with you – just the way list-enthusiast me likes it:

intuitiveeatingVia Excel. As you may remember from last weeks post I aimed to balance between level 4 and 7 (green) of the hunger scale. So last week went great. Still I would love to reduce my meals – that is why I try to enlarge them a little this week. I also noticed that going a little overboard with chocolate and candy did not make my tummy too happy. But more on that topic and how to take care of your inner child later this week.

So much about that, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty!

fluffy oats

I still have my regular fluffy oat fix – this week with fresh berries (raspberries ❤ )!salmon and hokkaido

Hokkaido, salmon and wrap with hummusbreakfast plate

Breakfast plate: soft-boiled egg, life-changing bread, greek yogurt and berries and honey, iced coffee

scalop salad

Salad with mushrooms, red grapes and scallops, with a side of the life-changing bread and camembert

eggplant curry

Yesterdays dinner: Eggplant chickpea curry on brown rice (I added some cottage cheese later to soften the spicyness)

mc barao barbells(source: MC Barao)

Btw – I am coming up with so many Barbell Routines currently and they are muscle-achy-good, that I decided to illustrate them myself by making my boyfriend do them and taking pictures of him. If I am lucky (and manage to bribe him with banana bread) you will get the first one this weekend.

Are you a snacker or do you prefer regular meals? How do you avoid to snack the whole day? What was your favorite meal of the week?