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A few days ago my best friend send me a link to a blog which is truly amazing. Nisha Moodley’s Fierce Fabulous Free is really worth a visit. And today I want to spent some time talking about a topic which is often liked to be ignored by dieters who switch to an intuitive eating approach. We dieters are a special species, we do not like to deal with our insides and prefer to get a ready-made plan, step by step, to follow rigidly and ignore everything that is going on around in our life. But life doesn’t work like this and we do not function this way. I believe that your body is a reflection of your soul and you should take care of your feelings, your believes, your inner struggles and everything else which goes on inside and that this will be transported on the outside.

1 year old me

That is why I think that “loving and taking care of yourself” is probably the most important aspect of intuitive eating and a requirement to stop bringing your problems to the table. One thing that I find a great way to start respecting yourself more and start truly loving you is this meditation that I found on Nisha’s blog: Loving The Child Within (9 Minutes) (right click and save on your desktop, or just click to open in a new tab) Take 10 Minutes of your day and do this one.

Another amazing tool is offered by Sarah Jenks : Live More, Weigh Less. I thought about going through the whole program and process to give you a complete review. But after reading through her free guide (which you will get after signing up to her newsletter on her main homepage) I was so amazed and convinced by her words of wisdom, that I just do not want you to spent one more day without the opportunity to see for yourself. It is such a seldom thing that you find free good guidance online and I would love everyone to join me on this journey and leave some comments below.

So after handing you those great tools I found this week, I would love to share with you my version of the first task on Sarah’s guide:

1. How will my life be different when I’m thin?

  • I would have a great style and appearance.
  • I would be organized and without unnecessary junk in my flat.
  • I would be a successful business-woman who loves her job.
  • I would enjoy a fulfilled life with friends, family and hobbies.
  • I would speak Chinese and Russian fluently.
  • I would be centered and calm, doing regular yoga and meditation.
  • I would love and take care of myself, nurturing my body the best way possible.
  • I would do sport for fun and health reasons only.

And from today on, I just start realizing all the aspects mentioned above. I made some more notes regarding what I can do to make this all happen now. It seems quite a lot and will surely not be realized in the course of a week. But postponing it to a future far, far ahead will definitely not help me become who I want to be. Starting today, though its not the first day of this year, of this month not even of this week – it is just the first day I chose to do it.