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Happy Wednesday my dear fellow foodies! My dad started as awesome as it could: I jumped out of bed, into my workout clothes and drove to the gym for a morning run and some stretching. Sunday I started with my Wellness-Week at the most fancy gym I have ever been to, which my best friend gave me as a christmas present. It is so huge, has a sauna, a pool and great equipment. I fell in love with the huge treadmills instantly and since winter decided to have a quick comeback here in Germany (snow and -7Β°C/20Β°F) it was the perfect opportunity to still go for a run. But enough of the workout talk – lets get to my week full of greens… and not so green food. It is all about the balance, right?

green smoothie

After failing terribly on the first week of our “green challenge” I seriously geared up for the second and started it with a huge green monster made of: spinach, cucumber, poc choi, avocado, frozen banana and mint leaves.

green monster

Add some craisins on top and your are good to go!

dark chocolate buttons

To balance all this green-ness out I worked on a recipe for Dark Chocolate Buttons, which are actually not only melting-on-your-tongue delicious, but also great for you – talking about win win here!

layered yogurt

My favorite breakfast to bring to work recently are layered oats, fruit (or in this case apple sauce), yogurt and nuts (or nut butter fluffed into the yogurt). It is easy to prepare the evening before and in the morning I just throw it in my bag and am good to go.quinoa salad

One of my favorite dishes last week came from one of my favorite bloggers: It was Andie’s (Can You Stay For Dinner?) Cranberry Quinoa Salad I added some greens for good measurement and enjoyed every single bite of it (no sharing when it comes to salads like this!).quinoa salad Aren’t the colors just amazing? I love beautiful food, somehow it tastes better to me this way.


Another recipe from one of my favorite bloggers, whose book I read this week, were Jenna’s dark chocolate pistachio biscottis. Dunk them in some hot tea… and just yum!
mint tea

Talking about tea: I even managed to get some greens in here. Have you ever tried fresh mint leaves as tea? I went for a long Marocco vacation before starting my bachelor studies and this was what I drank every single day.

banana oats

To round it up, here is the old time favorite and a never getting boring classis: Eggy Banana Oats with nuts. Somehow I always end up bringing the ingredients to my boyfriend and eating this for breakfast at his place – so yesterday he just asked: Do you eat them everyday for breakfast? I promise, I don’t! But I guess, I wouldn’t mind to…

Have you tried out some recipes recently? Is there a meal you could eat like everyday (for breakfast, lunch and dinner)? How do you sneak your greens in?