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Recently I have been experimenting with foods that keep me full longer. I know that there are a lot food bloggers out there who enjoy to eat several small snacks a day around their main meals, but to me current snacking sabotages my intuitive eating approach. I end up not only eating when I am hungry, but also out of stress and boredom and the more I snack the harder it gets to point out why exactly I did it. So I experimented a while with bulking up my portion sizes to keep me full longer.

sunday breakfastbrunch

Sadly I am not a fan of eating huge portions of just one dish (other than my boyfriend, he could eat his daily intake in lasagna only…) and ended up having several items and going back for others buffet style. Nothing wrong with variety on the plate, but when in the end it seems like you just fit all snacks of the day in one meal and are bloated and sick afterwards – that does not seem natural or intuitive to me.

(source: http://igbiologyy.blogspot.de/2012/12/29-nutrition-carbohydrates-fats-and.html)

So I thought about it from another sight. Micros and Macros. I read a great advice some weeks ago about the importance of having carbs, fats and protein in every meal you eat and that will keep you full for longer. Than again that this does not mean you have to eat grains and bread with every meal – insulin reaction, sugar spike, blah blah, I’ll spare you the details – and yogurt, fruit plus nuts or scrambled eggs, vegetables plus oil shall do the trick as well.I tell you what: that’s absolutely no approach for me! I know that people can be happy eating this way, cutting out or reducing grains and sugars, feel better and more energized. But just like eating vegan/pescetarian/vegetarian for nearly 2 years I am just not a fan of restricting myself. For intuitive’s eating sake I thought it would be a good idea to switch up my breakfast and see if not eating grains/sugar for breakfast would do wonders to my blood sugar levels and all over stratification. So, I served up this plate today:

scrambled egg

Boy, did my body feel hoaxed. A, it did taste weird to eat vegetables for breakfast; B, that dish did totally not feel good to have with coffee; C, afterwards I was not satisfied in the least and needed rice wafers with pbj to finish my meal.

Conclusion: My body is a smart thing and will not be happy with being restricted to rules which may work for others (or any rules at all). I will try to incorporate proteins, fats and carbs (in form of what I call carbs – ❤ you grains) into every meal, avoid processed foods and see if I can stop the throughout the day snacking this way.

grocery haul

I love you camembert, I love you chocolate and you, whole wheat rice, I also love you a lot. Come into my arms ya all… I’m not insane, if anyone wonders, my mother had me tested. (r.e.s.p.e.c.t for everyone who knows where this quote is from)

I would like to hear your stories: are you happy the way you eat? And what experiments did you have to go through to get there?