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Happy Humpday ya all! Isn’t the weather disgusting out there (for all of you who live in cold Germany like me)? I cannot stand the winter anymore! Went for a run on Sunday and had to dress like this:

running gearLayers over layers and a scarf. But still, it was so cold, that I only ran 30 minutes and came home shivering from cold. Everybody who’s sick of winter comment below … let’s start an anti-winter petition and see how effective it will be.

On food terms, I did really good with the green challenge this week. I had quite some Asian food and it’s the easiest thing to have greens when you eat Asian. miso soup

Miso-Stew with vegetables, pak choi – mushroom wantons and tofu

breakfast plate

Breakfast palate: toastie with PBJ and goat cheese plus a delicious green smoothi

green thai curryThai Green Curry on top of brown rice – I posted the recipe already on Monday.


And that’s what I love about having brown rice for dinner: using up the leftovers for milk rice to have in the morning. This one had brown rice, coconut cream (yum!), egg, agave, vanilla and berries


Salads are a favorite of mine when it comes to packed lunches (to bring to the office or university), but only a salad will not fill me up. So I tried a recipe this week that I saw in some other blogs.

salad and chicken bun

Pulled chicken on a bun. I bought half a rotisserie chicken on Sunday, pulled all the chicken from the bones and skin and kept it in my fridge to throw it on salads or put it in toasties or wraps. This toastie was topped with avocado and pulled chicken mixed with a little mayo and sriracha – and it did an amazing job in filling me up!

french wine

Another recently discovered passion of mine: red wine. I am just in love trying new varieties and informing myself about different grapes and wine regions. This one is from France and was pretty light for a dry red. I loved it. Just had a sip of it though with dinner yesterday, since I had big plans to rock my indoor cycle while watching the biggest loser finale!

How was your week so far? Comment if you are sick of the winter! And are you a fan of red wine – which one is your favorite?