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partyWe enjoyed our Istanbul vacation so much! But sadly the best times are over in the blink of an eye. Though I am on the run to the airport and packing the last bits I still really want to take part in today’s WIAW party and share some of my Istanbul eats. Excuse my lack of words, but regarding the time issues I thought that pictures are more important for today. Macaroons at the Paris airport: macaroon macaroon wagon macaroons


pomegranate juice

Pomegranate Juice

turkish coffeeTurkish coffee

teaTea on the boat to the Princess Islands

SAMSUNGBreakfast breads sold all over the city in those small red wagons.

Mezze love:


my favorite was the eggplant mouse, but you can never go wrong with spicy eggplant or cheesehummus

or hummus!

lamb stewWasn’t such a fan of the lamb stew though… toooo oily!

lamb sticksmy aunt made the better choice!


Freshly grilled fish at the Bosporusfish… and what was left of it.

fishSeabass on the Princess Islands…. best fish I ever ate.

pearAnd the luckiest girl in the world after she got her hands on a pear – best dessert ever!

And after all those feasting on delicious (often expensive) and worth-every-bite food, now I need to reset a bit. So juice feasting is on next.

yogiAnd more yoga…