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Happy Wednesday, Foodies! How’s life? Hopefully a bit less stressful than mine… or should I say hopefully so full of interesting new projects, learning new things, exploring your possibilities, coming together with friends and familiy and getting back into the sports routine? Because, truthfully, I enjoy every minute of my packed-to-the-top days. I mean seriously… is there any better way to start your day with some fresh air and a sweaty shirt?

Check this out, shameless self-documentation:

Me, before heading out for my morning run, filling up my watertanks:

run before before run

… and the sweaty mess I turned into when I came back …after runThat’s kind of a long excuse for why I did not take as many food pictures as I usually do. Hope you still enjoy those I have.

Let’s start with the breakfast for champions I devoured after my run:

eggs for breakfast

Toastie with turkey breast and my fried egg, sunny side up.yolk porn

Check out this egg yolk porn… with a variety of peppers.

oats with hemp protein

Breakfast for dinner: eggy oats with banana and peanutbutter … btw the green-ish shade comes from the added hemp protein.

protein pancakes

One more breakfast: protein pancakes with pb-yogurt-fluff and raspberries

And if you’d like to see something more savory, check out Monday’s post and my secret restaurant test:

hidden burger

What is your favorite breakfast after a morning workout? Does anyone else get as sweaty as me after 30 minutes of running ( I bet after 15 I would have already looked like this)? Do you enjoy being busy?