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Happy Wednesday! Look at me, trying to make a habit of the pre-running pictures. Oops, it’s a shame when you are not able to hold still and look like a ghost in them… could be kind of cool if I aimed for such an effect, though…

ghosty me

Nevermind, let’s just move on to the food pictures and the heaps of vegetables I am going through on a weekly basis at the moment. Somehow that’s all I crave at the moment (ok, truth be told, there might have been some unpictured chocolate and gummy bear eating … but it’s about the bigger picture, right?).


My beautiful rice congee, which I cooked this sunday for hours. I leave you with the picture and will share the recipe over the next days.roasted veggies

My first attempt to make Turkish style eggplant mousse. First: roasting veg in the oven.

eggplant mousse

Next: pureeing them in my magic bullet.
rice eggplant and tofu

Finally: Digging in with some rice and tofu.ย Concluding, that it still needs to be worked on.


Salad to go. How much I love this salad cup! Filled with everything good and fresh.fruit and veg

And my new breakfast love (re-discovered): place greens, fruit, some oats, hemp protein and nut milk in your mixer.green smoothie

And enjoy the freshest breakfast possible: Yay, for green smoothies!

Hugs to you all – enjoy your Wednesday!

What’s your favorite summer breakfast? Do you crave more veg when the weather starts to get warmer? Any suggestions on my eggplant mousse?