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You probably heard of my best friend before. I might have mentioned and praised her in one or the other post. And today’s post is not just inspired by her – most of the sources I am pointing out today were passed on by her. So credits to my amazing soul-sister Sina!


I talked a lot about intuitive eating earlier this year and I am still working with that approach myself. Some of you were asking me “How are you doing? I am struggling with intuitive eating a lot and fall back into calorie counting from time to time.” So let me tell you: I do, too. I struggle. I fall back. I count calories from time to time just to realize how free and happy I am when I am not counting. I feel stressed out by asking myself “Am I really hungry now?” before I take a bite of something. And I take a step back and realize that it isn’t about being perfect all the time – being perfect most of the time, is just enough for me. Being happy all the time is far more important to me.

And today I will share with you the most amazing thing I gained from intuitive eating: looking into the mirror without make-up or a pretty dress, just me, maybe after taking a shower and passing the mirror in my hallway, thinking – that’s a hottie, way to go, girl!


That is what makes me smile and enjoy being in pictures instead of jumping out of the frame every time someone tries to take a photo. And that is why I would like to pass on some resources which I find inspiring to enable you to make the first (or further) steps on the way to self love and a good body image.

Healthy Is The New Skinny

I just discovered Healthy Is The New Skinny this morning and I already managed to spent over an hour on this site. The movement connects so many amazing and inspirational women and should be spread throughout the whole WWW!

Get Your Dream Body In One Week

It’s a German source, so you might wanna use the google translator but the post is worth it. Make the experiment and tell me how big of a narcissist you became!

Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

Who doesn’t love the Dove advertisements? I am a huge fan! And they do provide a lot of material on their website. Check it out, you’ll probably find something you can give your small sister, daughter, niece or friends child to spare them the insecurity we had to go through.

Your Ideal Weight (by Sarah Jenks)

❤ Sarah! If you are already on her site check out her “live more + weigh less” and sign in for her newsletter – it’s one of my favorites.


Isabella dealt with body image her whole life and reached a happy, healthy place finally. But her blog really isn’t all about that – it is about women and success and how to achieve a good balance when it comes to private life vs business.

Fierce Fabulous Free

Soul searching with Nisha? Always!

Gabrielle Bernstein – “Next Generation Thought Leader” & “Spirit Junkie”

Gabrielle is not just a spokes person for everyone who’s interested in exploring her spiritual side, but deals with topics like self-esteem, motivation, how to get what you want…

Marie Forleo

Business, business, business! That is what Maria knows best. For women who want to make the best of themselves and the most of their talents. Her YouTube-chanel is especially recommendable.

I hope you’ll find your Groove with these Ladies and share the Amazingness!