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Happy Wednesday, foodies! After a week of two full blown posts I am kind of exhausted and surprised that Wednesday came around so soon πŸ˜‰ Jumping from work to classes to sustainability lectures to marketing club meetings and getting in some valuable family and friends time, it seems impossible to get all the topics on the blog I’d love to share with you. (LikeΒ my favorite inspirations regarding self love and body image!) Nevertheless, I refuse to skip today’s What I Ate Wednesday!balanced diet

First this one: how cute is that? Made me smile… and here’s what else does:
A group of over 200 foodies getting together virtualy every Wednesday sharing there love for healthy and delicious eating. Thanks Jen for throwing this party again and again and love to all my fellow bloggers!

pad thaiA huge portion of Thai take away: Pad Thai with tofu, chicken and a lot of vegetables. Which makes me really happy, since I had not to cook for two whole meals.

poached egg congee

Dishes which are 90% cooked by my rice cooker. That’s why rice congee is eaten a lot around here when times get stressful.
pear and cb sammy

Beautiful filled lunch-boxes (cashew butter nectarine sandwich anyone?) make me smile when I am sitting in the office, dealing with too much work in the time I have and still manage to have a satisfying meal.pear and cb sammy

And the food, which probably made me smiled more than any other:lovechock 1

Fair trade, organic, raw chocolate with heaps of minerals and an amazing taste.lovechock 3

Containing a surprise message: “My inner child loves to play.” (sure it does!)lovechock 2

And is wrapped in 100% compostable foil. If it wasn’t that expensive, I would base every single meal on lovechock.

Which foods make you smile?