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Skipping the Wednesday party, no post for 5 days – what’s happening here? Me being busy, like always, but also me making time for friends and family. Two important persons in my life are celebrating their birthdays this week (boyfriend and best friend had a good timing) and after studying and working and preparing presentations all I want to do in the evening is chilling out with friends.

But enough of the excuses: truth to be told, I had nearly no good food pictures to share (though there was a lot of good food enjoyed) and decided that it’s a great day to have a little recap of the posts you enjoyed the most and those I liked best, since next month *drum roll* Health Ninja will turn 2!

Healthy Mac’n’Cheese {dairy free and oh so delicious}

Your favorite recipe and who could blame you? If I hadn’t had dinner already I would make a batch right now!

Almond Fig Protein Balls {let’s celebrate the 100}

You like a good party! Good thing that the next anniversary is just around the corner. I should probably start working on a good recipe…

Wednesday Food Musings {plus healthy cookie dough frozen yogurt}

What I Ate Wednesday’s bring the whole foodie network closer together and it is now surprise that this one is under your (and my) favorite posts: I mean greek yogurt, cookie dough and ice cream in one?!

Barbell Workout for Women {grab the weights girls}

Ha! I do also write about fitness from time to time and I am happy that so many of you girls are not afraid of weights. Though I am more into yoga at the moment, I think hitting the weights is a great opportunity to get in shape and women should not be afraid to get bulky by doing so.

The Eggy Oat Revolution

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and oats are what I eat most of the time – happy to see, that you share my addiction. And I can just recommend my secondpost regarding the topic: An Ode to Oatmeal {my new recipe for fluffy oats}.

The 3 most popular topics I wrote about:

Vegetarian, Vegan & Chinese Food

Those are also the categories I do enjoy to cook mostly from and some of my personal favorite posts are build around the Asian food culture:

Congee 2 Ways {asian comfort food at its best}

Thai Green Curry {ninjas like it hot}

Most popular search engine terms:

what to eat before a 10k; this one refers to my 10K recap and my issues with running on a full stomach – I get sick easily and that’s why I need to consider what food my body digests fast enough to not bother me on the run.

hunger directed eating; I guess if you are interested in HDI you should go through my Intuitive Eating page which sums up my posts regarding this topic.

I also wanted to share a few funny/strange search engine terms with you, but they were so many that they deserve their own post. Coming soon. Promise!

Why do you visit my blog? What would you like to read more about?