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Oh my, it’s Wednesday again. And how I couldn’t wait for Wednesday this week. I have to listen to presentations until 8 pm, but afterwards my weekend starts. Tomorrow is holiday in Germany and since I have no classes on Friday the only thing to do is prepare presentations and case studies and enjoy the unbelievably beautiful weather outside.

Due to the sudden arrival of summer, food around here became light, simple and fresh. (And sadly mostly not pictured. I promise to be better next week….)green smoothie

Green Smoothies are my go to breakfast for weeks and especially when it’s warm and sunny outside they are the perfect thing to devour.yogurt mess

Yogurt mess, anyone? You can never go wrong with applesauce, right Amanda? Put some blueberries and brazil nuts on top and munch away a side of whole wheat cereal.arizona

A few days ago 4 bottles of Arizone ice tea were waiting for me when I arrived in the office. Best co-worker ever? He surely is. What cools down better than an ice cooled green tea with honey!?french toastAnd the best way to use up stale bread? Make french toast, put agave on top add a side of apple sauce and Greek yogurt and call it breakfast.

Have to run to university now. Hope you all have a beautiful week!