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Happy Wednesday, fellow foodies! Here I am with a bunch of food pics – food blogger by heart, that I am, I still manage to protocol my dining out experiences when times get busy… or at least most of them. Don’t let me start on the epic fail regarding the awesome wine tasting weekend from two weeks ago. I hope I’ll still share some pictures with you over the next weeks – just want to warn you: there wasn’t a single picture of wine or food taken, shame on me!

goat cheese burger

Back at the scene of crime and let me tell you: “Hans in Luck” did also not disappoint me with the meat-version of their burger. I ordered a beef burger with goat cheese and fig sauce with a side of salad and fries. Pure bliss.

And shortly after followed by a new (not so new to boyfriend and me) restaurant test experience: Mongolian BBQ.
Mongolian BBQ

We love this chain and if it weren’t for the price we would go there like every week. You can imagine how overjoyed I was when the company offered me to eat heaps of their food for free and bring a guest!!! Best side job ever. From left to right, top to bottom: Sweet Potato Mango Soup (needs to be recreated by me, wait for it…), lamps with spoons, seafood platter (seafood is the best option), meat platter (also delicious, though), a tiny cup of cappuccino and dessert to share: molten chocolate cake with a side of vanilla ice cream.

And just a week later I met the best dining out friend ever and we indulged in Korean delicacies:


Entrees: seafood pancakes, fried dumplings, spinach salad and a lot of pickled vegetables (e.g. kimchi) which comes with every order. Main course: Bibimbap, my favorite Korean dish. The trick to enjoy such a variety without bursting: share! We split every dish and thus get to taste twice as many dishes.

And you might not believe it: I even managed to cook from time to time. Like this dinner, which I munched the last two days.thai green curry

Thai Green Chicken Curry (a variation of this recipe) with quick-fried asparagus on top of brown rice. I only used cabbage and onions in the curry – I just do not have the heart to cook my green asparagus to death.thai curry

Hope you enjoyed the quick peek in my (not so) recent eats and share with me your favorite places to dine out!