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Here she goes again. Actually, I am ought to prepare a presentation for later today, but with all the photo-material piling up in my mobile phone, I considered a quick post wouldn’t hurt and would make me feel a little better. So first things first: our trip to a German vineyard from mid-may, with me being a really bad food blogger: not taking a single picture of wine or food devoured, but more than enough pictures of the beautiful landscape. I hope you still enjoy my little recap.


Starting out with a shameless selfie, after my parents and I conquered a walk up the hill, taking a slippery forest path. The view was totally worth it:grapevines

You might have guessed it: we saw quite some grapevines along the way. And since our hotel was located on the side of a hill our view was to die for. Not talking about the amazing sunshine we had, though our June was all rainy this year.


The smell of lilac hung in the air and all the green around us was a nice change of pace. On Saturday we had a wine tasting around lunch time, decided to go through the reds first and keep the white wines for Sunday. Afterwards we took a long walk up the hill visiting the castle ruin.flowersFinishing the day off with one purchased bottle of red, watching the Eurovision Song Contest in our hotel room. On Sunday we decided to head out first to visit a nearby health resort.

small city

It was obviously mostly populated by pensioners, but oh so beautiful and full of sport options (don’t let me start on the 60-year-old lady who jogged by us up the hill, while we were dying climbing it slow pace) that I thought of skipping the working part all together and just retiring after I finished my M.A. studies.back

So what we did Sunday morning till early afternoon was walking all over the place, climbing another hill – my favorite vacation-activity, nothing is more fulfilling than reaching the top of a hill and enjoying the view – with the exception of the view going back down again… Continued our wine tasting going through most of the white wines, ending up falling in love with a quite expensive bottle and just purchasing one of it to celebrate the end of an amazing weekend.

swinging in the rain

While the boyfriend needed a rest, me and my parents used the slightly rainy weather to take the slippery forest path, mentioned above, and enjoying another view of the wine country and taking pictures of me, not begging for a restroom, but swinging in the rain – right, there was a swing in the forest, what better thing could there be? The last evening was spent in pure perfectness: me and boyfriend, sitting in bed, reading the books we found in an antiquarian bookshop in retirement city the same morning, and enjoying a bottle of the amazing, a tad to expensive white wine.