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It’s getting unbelievable hot over here in Germany! Every step out the door feels like working out and changing one’s clothes 3 times a day is absolutely necessary (actually, I would like to recommend this to more of the people out there, especially those one snuggling close to me in the jammed subway). What to do, if you still want to get your morning run in? Wake up really early… I am talking about 6 am here, guys. Hey, I am a student, I am allowed to think of 6 am as really early! At least for 1 more year, and I will make sure to enjoy every single minute of it.

morning runOne round through the park and it will be as bright as day already.

morning run light as dayBut since it is What I Ate Wednesday time, I will make sure to feed you with some good advice what to eat when it’s crazy hot out there.

Let’s start with what should be better avoided… I cannot help it, but going out for Indian food wasn’t the best idea the boyfriend and I had a few days ago when the first heat wave hit Germany. Truth be told, I just cannot resist if someone offers me to go out for some puri and a side of curry.

puriYou heard me right, curry, you know who deserves the starring role in this lunch.

chicken curryStill, the chicken curry with mushrooms, potatoes and yogurt sauce was pretty delicious. I chose spice level 4 (of 6) and it was eatable with a huge glass of Lassi. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t go for Indian if you would like to avoid breaking a heavy sweat during your lunch break.

sushi take outMy recent sushi lunch is cat and heat approved – add a side of greens and you have yourself a nice summer dinner. In case you wonder, I am not wearing “tough cookie” PJs all day long. I change into them as soon as I am back from work or classes. Duh.

Other great food choices include:




salad to go


blackberriesand Smoothies! Check out this pink beauty:

pink smoothieI will share the recipe later this week. It surely filled me up and left me with a cool sensation in my tummy, ready to go out and embrace the summer.

What are your favorite eats to cool down?