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7 days of Insanity Workout Killer by Daily Hiit – Done! I plan on writing a post regarding what I like about the Daily Hiit (former bodyrock) and what I dislike. But today shall be about food only! I tried to capture some of my eats throughout the last week of exam preparation (and my last presentation for this year – yay!) and I must say I did pretty well. I also managed to share two recipes with you in the course of the week. Enough talking done – let’s start with the fun: (nothing better than a bad rhyme to get the party started, right?)

soba soupLet’s start with some soup, shall we? Soba noodles, asparagus, chicken and an egg it is – everything combined in some miso broth. Healthy heaven.

bliss salad

Talking about heaven: check out my recipe for this bliss in a bowl, I devoured twice this week!

zucchini pastaI also finally managed to make an easy veggie-pasta dish with zucchini linguine. And it’s really as easy as it can be: Take a zucchini, peel it into stripes, steam for 2 minutes, toss in some pesto, add cherry tomatoes and sprinkle with veggie mince – or some fried minced meat, or cheese, whatever you fancy right now.

That’s done. Let’s come to my favorite meal of the day: breakfast!

omeletI have a new breakfast creation I could eat every day! Sweet omelet made with 1 egg and 2 egg whites, fried in coconut oil and filled with fruit (go crazy: mango, berries, bananas…) and cottage cheese (you could omit it, but you really shouldn’t). The plate above was an omelet filled with bananas and cinnamon, a side of greek yogurt and half a grapefruit… ❤

sweet quinoaOne day I just really did not know what to make for breakfast. I opened my cupboard and saw the quinoa – sweet quinoa it was. Luckily I had some homemade  almond milk on hand and fresh strawberries. Note to myself: should make again.

eggy oatsAnd last but not least: what would a week be without fluffy oats? Pure sadness… I know. Ever tried to use coconut milk in your oats? You should! It gives such a rich, satisfying flavor!

Oh wait, I forgot the other recipe. It could be eaten for breakfast too, or as a snack, or dinner or lunch… whenever you crave a huge pink smoothie – and who doesn’t crave that ALL THE TIME?

pink smoothieGo make yourself a Pussy Foot!