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I am blond again!!!


Oh, and green tea cheers to you all! Kitty wanted to be part of that, too, obviously.

Being blond is nothing new to me. I am naturally dark blond and summer sunshine (if present, today it’s clearly not… rain again, who might have thought so…) draws light strands in it. But I also help a little by dying strands at the hair salon from time to time. So this time… it’s really light. That wasn’t my intention, but since my hair was pretty dark from coloring before, I had the choice between looking like a crosswalk or getting really blond and add a few darker blond strands later. But enough about my hair. Let’s come to the more important aspect of today’s post:

I took far more pictures of my food in the course of this week (guess that’s due to me being really sick of all the studying) – so you get a few breakfast and snack options on today’s menu:


protein pancakes

Panchini Cakes by Kayla’s Joy (which are protein pancakes with zucchini) smoothie

A big violet smoothie with lots of berries and some protein powder.
egg white omelet

Mentioned it last week: a new breakfast favorite of mine is the sweet omelet filled with cottage cheese and fruit – persimmon in this case.


sweet potato

Happens, I just don’t get as excited about it as about my breakfasts. Often it’s made of salads or stir fries topped with chicken or tuna or veggie patties. But this one was special, and repetitive due to it’s deliciousness: sweet potato with cinnamon and cottage cheese. The cheese melts a little in the freshly baked potato; add some cherry tomatoes or spinach with olive oil and sea salt to the mix and you got yourself a great healthy lunch.


salmon and broccoli

Since I purchased a huge head of broccoli a few days ago, dinner does look the same recently: some kind of fish and broccoli. You just cannot go wrong with that. Especially with my favorite fish: salmon. If it wasn’t that expensive I would have it every day!


yogurt and bread

Greek yogurt with blueberries and coconut flakes and a piece of the perfect bread – get’s never old.cherries and cheeseCheese and cherries (may sound strange, tastes delicious)


And my favorite study food: Banookies (though I didn’t use avocado this time, I used apple sauce – not recommendable, coconut oil works definitely better, but I had neither at hand). By the way – the boyfriend was really offended by me calling those cuties cookies – he claimed that “trail mix” balls (which is called “students chow” in Germany) would be a better fit. cold brewed coffee

And last but not least, what I enjoyed various times this week: Ice coffee made with Cold Brewed Coffee. The coconut milk adds a really special flavor, though I read over at Oh She Glows recently that almond milk works also great in this.

By the way: I joined the Truly Committed in July Challenge this month (tag is #trulycommitted all over blogger- and social networks). If you are interested in my before pictures and goals and daily updates you should visit my twitter and/or tumblr.

Back to the books. 9 more days to go – cannot wait for it to be over!