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As mentioned in this weeks What I Ate Wednesday I take part in Truly Jess’s #trulycommitted in July challenge. She has a schedule of motivating themes for every day and today was one that is close to my heart: All Day Clean Eats. During exam preparation I tend to slack on the clean eating front and stuff myself with quick available carbohydrates (wine gum, chocolate, cookies… you get the idea). So I thought it was quite enjoyable not to have to deal with headaches after a full day of studying. Something else I enjoyed today was the sunny, hot weather in Germany. We all have waited for summer long enough, so let’s hope it is hear to stay for a while, so that I can leave my white shorts out and get some decent tan on my legs.

summer outfit

So happy that my hair is blonde again, fits nicely with those summer colors… just sayin.

What would be better to end such a day than share all of my clean eats in a blog post with you? Getting 7 straight hours of sleep, probably… but hey, who am I kidding? As soon as I’ll fall asleep those abatement cost and marginal damage curves will circle through my dreams.

carrot cake oats

I started the day with an old love of mine: Carrot Cake Oats (the raw, overnight version to which I added some Greek yogurt)

Mid-morning snack:grapefruit and protein bar

Half a grapefruit with maple syrup and cinnamon plus a cookie dough protein bar (made with clean brown rice protein).

soba soup

Soba noodle soup with smoked tofu, carrot and edamame and a side of seasoned seaweed.

Afternoon snack:dark green smoothie

A really dark green smoothie made of 1/2 frozen banana, hand full of frozen berries, 2 cups of spinach, a piece of cucumber, 1 tbsp hemp protein powder and a tsp of spirulina (which accounts for the color).

Dinner…salad monster

was the biggest salad monster I had in a while, with baby spinach, arugula, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, craisins, sunflower seeds, hummus and an egg. Delicious! Have to make huge salads more often.

Dessert:frozen nana

One of this years favorites: 1/2 frozen banana, drizzled with peanut butter and sprinkled with cacao powder. A cup of coffee since I had a few more hours of studying ahead.

There you have it: a beautiful day of eats, no meal took me longer than 10 minutes to prepare and I was perfectly fueled to study for my exams without digging into the gummy bear bag.

5 more days to go – than I will finally have the time to write longer posts and make some changes. Cannot wait! Have a beautiful week you all. See you Wednesday!