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Happy Wednesday my dear Foodie-Friends! And what a beautiful day it is if you get up and know that there are only two more days to study before the exams are over. My smile get’s brighter with Friday coming close. I would never have thought that time running fast till an exam could be a good thing, but this one is: I am so over the studying. I just want to grab a towel, one of all those exciting books sitting in my shelf waiting to be read and lie down in the park to enjoy this beautiful sunshine. I also cannot wait to post more often and work a bit on this blog. So much inspiration and so many ideas in my head. So besides writing my master thesis in one company and working part time in another I will hopefully have finally all the time I need to get deeper in being a food and health blogger. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for such a long time. But hey, enough one on one this morning. Let’s serve some light fare:

I already shared with you a whole day of my eats on Sunday, due to Jess’s #trulycommitted theme: Full Day Clean Eats. That’s why I really needed to take pictures the last two days, to not come empty handed today.

So let’s see what I’ve been munching on the last two days, I managed to get pictures of breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks – food blogger high five!

fruit saladA huge bowl of fruit and coconut milk for breakfast. Strawberries, nectarines and apple.

runny eggRunny egg with the perfect bread – so sad, only 3 more slices left in my freezer.

thai rollsI actually had this for lunch on Monday and Tuesday, that’s how good this one was: Thai Spring Rolls with ground beef, salad, cucumbers and almond-chili-sauce. I will share the recipe over the next days.

chocolate mug cakeGuilt Free Chocolate Mug Cake. It was a bit too dark for my taste. I would lower the amount of cacao and add a bit more maple syrup the next time.

salmon saladMy boyfriends and mine favorite dinner: Mixed salad with avocado, chickpeas, red bell pepper and salmon filet.

Add some exercise into the mix (I am getting more into Yoga lately) and call it a perfect day. By the way: that is exactly what I will do now. Go and get a bit sweaty before the heat gets crazy! And later I cannot wait to read through all of your WIAWs!