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Good morning foodie fellas! I am a lucky girl since I managed to sleep in today: got up at 7:30 am and I can tell you that is huge for me! Don’t you love it if you get up rested and hungry? So while I am writing you my tummy is digesting an amazing bowl of oats before my HIIT workout. Sitting in bed with the kitty next to me and writing a blog post mid-morning is pure bliss. Have to enjoy this week, starting next week I will either work or have office time, in the company I’ll write my Master thesis, from Monday to Thursday. By the way: that was an outfit shot I made on Monday when I went in to visit my new office and get the keys. I love this light summer blazer – it makes wearing business clothes while it’s 25°C (77° F) bearable.me

And I used those days off wisely and took a lot of food pictures. This way I can show you a few healthy alternatives for breakfast, lunch and dinner that I munched on through this week.


I am in a cherry rut currently. They are my favorite fruit and I can add them to anything (to coconut ice dream with paleo chocolate chip cookies for example). Thus I had them for breakfast quite often recently. Breakfast and snacks are usually the meals where I load up on fruits, while I prefer to have more savory dishes for lunch and dinner.coconut milk quinoa

Quinoa coconut milk porridge topped with cherries and hazelnuts – guess I have to make a recipe post about this one soon.cherry oats

Fluffy Oats with cherries and almond butter. I also like to top it with an additional tablespoon of Greek yogurt and some agave. Finished my cherries with a portion of this heaven in a bowl this morning and now I am getting slightly panicky – need to hit the stores today to stock up on another pound.
berry smoothie

And if I really don’t feel like hot morning meals (or overnight oats, which I have quite a lot, but are really not that photogenic), I throw a bunch of frozen fruit, cucumber and spinach in my blender, add some hemp protein and flax seeds and blend away.


… is usually a meal I don’t have time to waste preparing, since when I come home from work I am already starving most of the time. Good thing that many healthy meals could be prepared just as fast as ordering fast food.tuna saladHuge salad topped with tuna salad (tuna, avocado, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper).

cabbage omeletCabbage omelet (with one egg, two egg whites, mushrooms and vegetarian weenies) – this one filled me up to bursting, next time I will only use one additional egg white and less cabbage.

mexican sweet potato

Mexican Sweet Potato: I microwaved my sweet potato, filled it with some stir-fried minced meat, salsa and avocado.


… is a bit more elaborate. I tend to have more time for preparing and am not as ravenous as at lunch time.dumpling soupMiso soup with dumplings, edamame, spinach, mushrooms and an egg. Of course topped of with some sriracha.

cauliflower pizza     cauliflower pizza

And I finally dared to make a cauliflower crust pizza. I used this recipe and found it quite time consuming. The end product was really delicious and filling (topped with some tomato sauce, fresh basil leaves and grated cheese) …cauliflower pizza

… but I think next time I will try a variation without preheating the cauliflower and ringing out the water before making the dough. Suggestions anyone?

eggplant pizzies

Another great pizza dish I enjoyed this week where sliced eggplants topped with salsa and heaps of grated cheese. Served with a side of chicken avocado salad they made the perfect dinner.

I skipped the snack pictures since I rarely take some, but most of my snacks consisted of paleo chocolate chip cookies, coconut ice cream, heaps of fruits and Greek yogurt with some add ins.

What is your favorite fruit? Do you spend a lot of time on preparing your lunches? Any recommendations on easy cauliflower crust recipes?

P.S. I am currently working on a new post for my Intuitive Eating series about why eating fats is so important for losing weight and staying healthy.