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When dieting especially women tend to make one crucial mistake: they go for volume instead of satisfaction. I am talking about low-fat, artificial sweetened snacks, filling up on vegetables and saving calories by avoiding fat. Sounds familiar? If you dieted at some point of your life, I bet it will. But ever wondered why skinny nations like France or China do eat high fat diets? They do because healthy fats are great for you!

– 25-30% of your daily calories should come from fat.

– Fat keeps you longer satisfied after finishing your meal.

– You will be full quicker, thus stop eating earlier.

– Your metabolism needs healthy fats just as much as carbohydrates and protein to work properly. It’s neither nice nor healthy to discriminate one of them.

Don’t get me wrong: I am not talking about stuffing your face with bacon all the time (though it is really delicious and you should enjoy it once in a while), but instead try adding more healthy fats to your diet like coconut milk (and oil, and flour and flakes…), soy flakes, avocado, nuts and seeds, extra virgin olive oil, fatty fish and try to eat the egg with the yolk.

Meal examples to opt your healthy fat intake:

mexican sweet potatoMexican sweet potato with minced beef and avocado.

cabbage omeletCabbage-Omelet with two full eggs fried in coconut oil, with a side of avocado.

cherry oatsOats cooked with coconut oil and an egg, and topped of with almond butter.

salmon saladFried salmon with a mixed salad with avocado and olive oil.

cookies n creamHomemade coconut ice cream with Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies, which are a great snack high in healthy fats.

Also having the full fat variety if you buy cheese is way better than grabbing the artificial, low fat one. A smaller piece of real full fat Parmesan grated over your pasta dish will taste far better than double the size of the low fat variety and you will be truly satisfied after eating it. Having a full fat yogurt in the morning instead of a nonfat no-taste one will make your mind notice that you ate what you longed for and doesn’t leave you with this unsatisfied anxiety, which makes you open the fridge door over and over again, in search for something else to eat. 

I increased my fat intake 3 weeks ago and at the same time increased my calorie intake (roughly estimated, since I seemed to not eat enough before – and still not lose weight) and I noticed that I am longer full after a meal now and need fewer and smaller snacks in between mealtimes. That is something which simply increasing the volume of my meals didn’t do for me. I also lost 2 pounds without actually dieting and feel more energized during my workouts.

Any thoughts on this topic? Do you think you have enough healthy fats in your diet? What is your favorite healthy fat?