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Happy Wednesday Foodie-Friends!

We get a break from the heat today in Germany and it feels great to wake up after a night of good, restful sleep and breathe fresh air first thing in the morning. I am even a bit cold sitting in my office, only wearing a t-shirt. But I know that I have to savour this moment since after the summer storm promised for today it will be hot again for the rest of the week. Due to the resolutions I made earlier this week, I started a more regular blogging schedule: Saturday, Sunday, Monday and an early Wednesday post – doing good so far! Thus you get to see what I actualy eat in one day and not a compilation of some of my weekly meals. I didn’t take pictures of each and everything – blame the heat, it’s all the heats fault – still, I thought some of you would probably be interested in what I eat in a day… I know that my little foodie heart really likes to see such food diaries on other people blogs. We food bloggers are a strange breed. So let’s celebrate!

Breakfast: Greek yogurt with oats, a peach and honey

Snack: two handfuls of cherries, coconut bounce ball

officeNo food, but at least I wanted to show you my new office (I work part-time in the sales/marketing department of an university and write my master thesis in another company at the moment.), where I spent halfof yesterday truly enjoying the comfort of AC.

Lunch: raw tabouli and an egg

raw tabouli

I made the raw tabouli an Monday, as you may have read, and the portion was huge, since I used 1 1/4 bunches of parsley and half a head of cauliflower. Thus there were more than enough left overs for lunch on Tuesday and I still have some more for a side dish.

Snack: a quarter of a watermelon and a coconut bounce ball


Does somebody else eat watermelon like I do? The most refreshing thing ever! Absolutely necessary when it’s hot like that outside.

Dinner: big bowl of brown rice with vegetable stir fry

veggie stir fryThis was satisfying. I especially enjoyed the combination of coconut oil (which I used to fry the vegetables), fresh coriander sprinkled on top and a lot of sriracha, which I added later – of course.

Dessert: Coconut ice cream with some chocolate chips

And since most of us are also quite fitness interested, I just cannot deny you this amazing online workout I discovered yesterday, thanks to a post on PBJenny: It is a mix of Yoga, Booty Shaking and Plyometrics and you won’t believe how sweaty this makes you. I seriously needed to swipe the floor after this workout (my kitty ripped my Yoga Mat appart, that’s why I work out on the floor – I have to get a sturdier one soon): Buti Yoga. I did there sample Buti Tone Workout and plan on doing the Buti Sculp and another Buti Tone tomorrow – you’ll finde a few more free workouts on youtube – before thinking about purchasing a one month membership.

A few food pictures somehow didn’t make it in my recent posts, but I still like to share them with you, to make up for those unpictured meals mentioned above.

What else I enjoyed to eat recently:

sweet omeletSweet omelet – who would have guessed it, though I am a bit lazy when it comes to breakfast time recently, I still managed to have one of those thingies the other day.

pb nana wraps

Ever heard of peanut butter banana lettuce wraps? No? Try them! They are the bomb – the perfect sweet snack for hot weather (and cold). Soooo delicious!

perfect breakfast platterAnd one perfect breakfast. It just cannot get better than this: a glas of cold brewed ice coffee, a runny egg with my last slice of perfect bread and half a grapefruit with cinnamon and honey.

buckwheat porridge

Oh and I really enjoyed the BBB (blogs 2. birthday buckwheat) Porridge the other day. Everything tastes better with a birthday candle in it!

Do you like to see what other people eat in a day? (no judgement, that’s a totaly natural curiosity, I’m sure…) Does your office have an AC? How do you eat your watermelon?