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I did something strange yesterday. That’s how I am. My energy was high, and my enthusiasm just made it kind of worse. It’s like drinking two cans of energy drink – you know this feeling? When you get all hyper and your body starts tingeling and your feet won’t stand still and your mind is hopping from one thought to another. Yeah, right, that was me yesterday. Just without the energy drinks. The anticipation for my first kickboxing class in months was more than enough. I was so excited that I really wanted to write a post about it – and what would a post be without pictures? Since I did not have anyone to take pictures of the actual class, I thought me doing some kickboxing moves in front of the mirror would be a good alternative. Not awkward at all. I really do need to get a DSLR finally! It looks way less strange if you use self-timer to take pictures like this. Okay, I would probably still look a bit cray… but at least in a professional way. Right?

Proof of the matter:


See, I couldn’t even hold still enough to take proper pictures. Most of them are really blurred. But try to do a bad-ass kick and simultaneously take a picture of that, while smiling. Ha!

So what’s the point here, but me sharing awkward pictures of myself? I had one of the best workouts in weeks yesterday and fell in love with kickboxing head over heels again. Martial arts are just my thing. As soon as I get a well-paid job (I am sure that this will somehow happen next year, when I am done with my M.A.) I will spend some money on a good dojo-membership. I love the combination of a sweaty workout, mindfulness, technique and companionship, which a good kickboxing class offers; and the feeling that you conquered the Great Wall after a good class, that is pretty nice too.

Special about the current class, that I do take at my university is a) that it is really cheap (10€ for 2 months), b) we start with crazy HIIT warm ups and the trainer gets really creative with that, c) after half an hour you feel like you gave all you have, and then you notice that there is even more, d) he has a martial arts background, so he is very conscious about the technique (that is not to be taken for granted, I took so many bad martial art classes in fitness clubs before…) and e) we do yoga for stretching. Ain’t a guy who pushes you through rivers of sweat, makes your muscles cry from 2 minutes of planking after uncountable push ups and abdominal exercises and then shows you a perfect crow pose and asks you to hold it for… let’s say 2 minutes, just adorable? It is a love-hate thing. I tell you… But I really enjoyed the cobras and child poses at the end of yesterday’s class. Everything gets better with yoga. (Remember my short report on Buti fitness in yesterday’s post?)

Enough said. Go check if you have the opportunity to take a good, affordable kickboxing class in your area. Everyone should give it a try. It makes you more confident, improves your posture, helps reducing psychological tensions and aggression, trains your mind in tactics and sculpts your body beautifully.

Best proof Christine Theiss, world champion in full contact kickboxing since 2007:

Christine TheissDo you like martial arts? Ever tried kickboxing? What do you think about incorporating Yoga in other kind of workouts?