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I planned on writing this post much earlier today. But you know how things go sometimes – first you get up later, since heat doesn’t make for the best sleep, than have a little fruit snack, get out to enjoy the fresh morning air and hit the farmers market, have a breakfast salad (its a thing now, I swear, more on it tomorrow) and start reading through blogs and mails, writing some mails, getting paper work done, eating lunch at some point, getting your laundry done, cleaning the flat, watching a documentary, having dinner – oh and it is evening already and no post written yet. But hey I’m a good girl and since I have no plans for this Saturday evening, but drinking vino and reading a great book, I will spend some quality time with you!

Today’s post is about working out. After watching a few videos on metabolic damage recommended by Katie in one of her recent posts (which is UBERrecommendable – go read it!) – I decided to change up my running routine a bit. Recently I’ve been doing the same steady state cardio: running 6K over and over again, 3 times a week. Since I will not get results from doing the same workout again and again, and also found out that steady state cardio may lower my metabolic capacity (and who wants that?) I thought I create a slightly different running routine / leg workout.

outdoor gym

Close to where my boyfriend lives is a public sports ground and early Friday morning it is free for my crazy fidgeting.waterI wrote down the HIIT routine which I thought of and brought a bottle of water, placed it in one corner of the sports ground and started with some warming up and stretching.


It is no option to skip this part of the workout to save time. Proper warm up and stretching will keep you save from injuries and prepares your body best for the following workout. You can get playful with it and do some yoga moves. Like a cobra (try taking a selfie while doing so, this raises the difficulty level enormously), some downward dogs, dancer poses or whatever feels best for you.

And your are good to go!

Kill Your Legs Routine

  1. 2 rounds easy jog (~0.8 km/0.5 miles)
  2. stretching
  3. 1/3 round sprint + 2/3 round easy jog (~0.15 km/0.1 miles and~ 0.3 km/0.2 miles)
  4. 30 Squats
  5. 1/3 round sprint + 2/3 round easy jog
  6. 30 walking Lunges
  7. 1/3 round sprint + 2/3 round easy jog + 1/3 round sprint
  8. 20 Tuck Jumps
  9. 1/3 round sprint + 2/3 round easy jog + 1/3 round sprint
  10. 10 Pulse Squat Jumps (squat, 3 pulses, up *10)
  11. 1/3 round sprint + 2/3 round easy jog + 1/3 round sprint + 2/3 round easy jog
  12. 20 Lunge Kicks (touch your toes)
  13. 1/3 round sprint + 2/3 round easy jog
  14. 15 Deep Squats (go as deep as you can)
  15. 1/3 round sprint + 2/3 round walking it out
  16. stretching

stretching again

Stretching after a workout is also important, since it eases your muscles and lightens the muscle ache you will have the following day.drenched

If you look like this afterwards you’ve done everything right!

The workout took me all in all about 45 minutes, and I enjoyed the variation it offered. Doing sports outside is one of the best ways to start the day. I hope I inspired some of you to try my kill-your-legs sprint routine.