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book club

The time has come to finally talk with you about one of my passions since third grade. I was 9 years old when I set foot in my first library. Books over books over books all containing different exciting stories, smelling like adventures and discoveries – I was hooked. Always been the kind of child who pesters everybody with questions and wants to know it all, I found my own nirvana. I got my first library card and started borrowing books like a mad (wo)man. Ten in a months was not unusual these days. I wasn’t into playing outside, I prefered bringing a book with me, climbing a tree (or a haystack) and read for hours. Some things have changed since then a) I do enjoy to go out an play (=socialize) nowadays and b) with the beginning of my studies I suddenly needed to spent my free time reading books for study purpose, not out of fascination. Some things haven’t: I still love to read, I just needed to learn how to make time for it.

Today I’d like to start a blog series in which I share some of my recent / favorite reads and you can add yours in the comment section. I love new reading inspiration!


Book number one on today’s list was actually a bloggers recommendation: Jenna from ELR mentioned it in one of her posts and I ordered it straight away. This is exactly the kind of book written for a food blogger. Beautiful poetry, a fascinating life story and heart warming recipes. Why aren’t all novels constructed like this one? If you need the story of a novel to be thrilling, this book is probably not for you. But if you are like me and enjoy the beauty of words and thoughts and french cuisine, you should give it a try. Oh, and if you like it, you should probably also consider reading Jennas book, since it has a quite similar style.

indefenseoffoodBook number two is no newby here on HN. I’ve mentioned before that Michael Pollans food philosophy does a good job in pointing out what is wrong with todays nutrition and how to do it right without putting yourself on a constant diet. Some quotes to show what I mean: “Don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.” and “Don’t eat anything that won’t eventually rot.” and “Pay more, eat less.” I think everybody should try to follow his recommendations when it comes to our everyday diet. When all those new dietary studies start to confuse me, I just flip it open and read a few pages and everything is clear again.

paulocoelhoWhat a strange translation. The original title “El Mago” means “the magician” and equals the German translation. I don’t really like the English interpretation of the title, but I bet it has some marketing strategic reasoning. My boyfriend gave me this biography as a present for my birthday in April. It was the best surprise since Paolo Coelho has been one of my favorite authors for years and I did not even know that there was a biography published. The best thing about the book? You don’t need to read it all at once – it is fine to be read chapter by chapter and digested for a while. I have still 2/3 to got, but hey it took Coelho 60 years to live through all this life condensed in the book, I guess it is alright if it takes me a few months to read it.

starbucksBy the way, my favorite way to read a book is: sitting down in a nice coffee shop, with a huge soy cappuccino and a croissant and spent hours in my own little world.

Oh and so you know what will be comming your way in the next post: Here are the books I am starting to read now (yes, I do read several books at the same time; but I have just started the first of these):

  • Sean Pidgeon – Finding Camlann
  • Hanif Kureishi – Something to Tell You
  • Carlos Ruiz Zafón – Marina

So tell me about your favorite books and what you have been reading currently!