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Yesterday was perfect. Seriously there is nothing better than coming home after work, Jay waiting for me in my flat, and us spending time just chilling the rest of the day; talking, cooking, reading, watching movies. “Oz the great and powerful” was a wonderful movie by the way. Sadly he had to leave this morning, while I headed to the office, and start preparing for his next exam. It is so annoying that now that my exam period is over, his just started.

Let’s talk about something more cheerful, shall we? The last week of posting was so much fun. Six posts in seven days – common, I cannot believe how easy it was to switch to a more regular schedule. And actually, as soon as I started posting close to every day, the ideas came flowing. I do always have two to three drafts which I try to fit in at some point and I do already know, that tomorrow there is an amazing breakfast recipe going to be published on HN. Funny story: even with all these posts, I somehow managed to save quite a few pictures for todays What I Ate Wednesday party.

A big thank you to Jenn for hosting it every week since January 2011!

I dedicated todays WIAW to all the beautiful produce summer has given us:

breakfast saladBlueberries: without them my breakfast salads would be quite sad and boring! This one was so tiny since I had a long yoga workout planned before heading to the office and my body doesn’t train well with a full stomach. I had a good breakfast afterwards, which will be featured tomorrow.

fruit saladPeaches and nectarines: this morning fruit bowl contained a banana, a nectarine and several small wild peaches.

banana breadEasy snack cravings: I have to admit that firing up the stove isn’t my favorite thing to do during summer time. Thus I try to make a huge batch of snack bars, muffins or protein balls to get me over the week. This time I forgot the baking powder and soda in my banana bread protein bars, they turned out thin and dense and made me really sad. My life lesson learned this week: never again forget baking powder in banana bread protein bars!

pea soupGreen peas: this soup was a hit. Hop over to Sarah and make your own Chilled Parsley and Pea Soup!zucchini soba noodles

Zucchini: Probably the most versatile vegetable. You can make close to anything out of zucchinis. I finally purchased a spiralizer last week and just had to make this batch of zucchini pasta with soba noodles. The quick pasta sauce was also a good one: olive oil, onion, garlic, minced chicken, parsley and basil, passata and a good splash of red wine. I make sure to put up a step by step recipe in the next time.

And the last craving: quick satisfying dinners

  ingredients rice cooker

sweet potato spinach stir fry

A quick stir fry: chopped up some butternut squash, spinach and turkey sausage; fried in coconut oil, added some cilantro and sea salt; while the rice cooker steamed my favorite short-grain brown rice. A splash of sriracha and dinner was done.

What is your favorite summer meal? Do you crave anything special at the moment?