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Yesterday was quite an evening. Please excuse that I don’t have a lot of words for you today. I spend most of the afternoon curing my hangover with a hangover cure brunch (see below for details), really bad headache, upset stomach and trying to get some sleep, while ruining a batch of brownies for a charity event tomorrow (that’s another story – hope I’ll get the ingredients at the gas station tomorrow morning to have another try). Nevertheless, my brother and me had a blast yesterday. And I don’t regret it a bit – though my stomach surely does.

Remember how I told you that I was planing on making pasta? It was even better: my brother wanted to cook, since he is aiming for some chef skills to impress the girls.

onionsHe proved the necessity by abusing the onion, before I showed him how to cut it.

vino for the cooksThen I told him the most important aspect of cooking: never forget the vino. And I guess from here on everything went south.

frying onionsPictures got blurry.

meat and mushroomsMushrooms went into the Bolognese.

pepper itMy brother showed his love for pepper and overdid it just a tad – major cough attack included.

some basilI was allowed to sprinkle the basil on top (which should have been fresh, but since he forgot to water some of the plants while my parents are on vacation, we had to do with the remaining dried out leaves).

pasta on the balconyWith a second glass the food finally made it to the balcony.

quick mushroom bologneseNot bad for his first Linguine with Bolognese Sauce, right? Also freshly grated parmesan makes every pasta dish a whole lot better.

moms blueberriesBy the way: look at the beautiful blueberries my mom is growing on her balcony. So happy that they survived my brothers green thumb so far.

But from that on – down south – as I mentioned: we finished the vino, had a cool down beer, talked for hours on the balcony. Decided that it was time for some OC California (haven’t seen that in years) and a quick cocktail: rum, pineapple and coconut juice. Had too much of these. Fall asleep on the convertible sofa without even turning the TV off.

I guess you can imagine how fresh and relaxed I felt today… I managed to be home around lunch time and my body craved a hangover brunch:
hangover cure

Wholewheat croissant, fried bacon and scrambled eggs.hangover cureCut the croissant open and stuff it with bacon and eggs, then hope that your stomach is not to upset to handle it.

How did you spend your Friday evening? Any good tips how to cure a hangover? Do you enjoy spending time with your siblings?