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Ever wondered if you go to fast? If all those things you heap on to your shoulders might get to heavy at some point? If stress is a constant state in your life? You probably should. I have always been a person who functions great under pressure. I tend to learn better, fulfill tasks more efficiently, get things done that I would usually postpone, but just recently I started wondering if this is something to be proud of or something to avoid. After a semester full of workload from classes, papers, exams, part-time job, charity work, organisational stuff, networking… I feel like being on vacation now that I merely have any tasks left: writing a master thesis, working two days a week, charity work and a marketing related youth organisation. If I read it like that it seems like still enough on my plate, but somehow it all feels so much easier now that I actually have time to blog regularly, visit friends, read a book, take a walk, spent some me-time, wonder what I really like to do with my future. Slowing down feels good to me and is something that I can just recommend to everyone.

Today I would love to share a few tips how to slow down your everyday life and get this vacation feeling in:

  • get up an hour earlier and do some yoga – start your day on a good note

  • take the train instead of the car – does not only save money and cause less air pollution, but also makes time for reading, letting your mind go round, watch people, talk to friends


  • prepare your meals and make them look beautiful – also take time to sit down at a table and enjoy every bite, since nothing tastes good if it is gulped down in a hurry

sunday breakfast

  • keep your work where it belongs: in the office


  • take real breaks: for lunch break get up from your desk and move somewhere else

Sunny Way

  • walk to the stores to get your groceries


  • find what you love doing – get passionate about it

eggy oats and coffee

  • spent time with those you love, they make your life richer


  • shut everything down one hour before bedtime and read – calm your mind before falling asleep


  • Savor the moment.


How do you slow down?