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It is Wednesday again and I am so excited to announce that I actually took pictures of my eats yesterday – no “I show you some foods of the last days” this week, but actually pictures of what went into my mouth from dawn till dusk. The only thing unpictured are two pieces of chocolate that I devoured with my afternoon coffee – you cannot blame me, when the chocolate lust hits me, I usually forget everything else, even to take a picture for you.

But before we come to that: I uploaded my about page today and added some more personal aspects of my health story, since I think blogging is about getting personal.

A big thank you to Jenn for hosting while taking care of her baby tummy, I cannot wait for baby peas to arrive! Oh and while we are at it: check out her recipe for Dark Chocolate Scones, it is the bomb and I will bake them this week!

Getting up way to early yesterday, after falling asleep far to late the night before – that’s what you get for visiting your grind of a boyfriend (exam prep) during the work week – I was faced with some seriously fresh air that early:

From one day to the next it feels like autumn has arrived in Germany – I am sure that this will change till next week, but for now I needed to get my jeans and cardigans out. (Btw – you can follow me on Instagram now for just in time updates) When I came home an hour later, I was not only freezing but also starving and happy that I prepared all the ingredients for a huge smoothie the day before.

smoothie ingredientsA bag of frozen goodies: Banana, spinach, cucumber, berries, watermelon and some soaked oats and vanilla brown rice protein with chia seeds.

green smoothieI placed everything in my blender, cursed myself for freezing the cucumber (not the easiest thing to blend when frozen), added quite some water to the mix to get it going and filled the green deliciousness in a half liter shaker to bring to work. (Of course I started sipping away earlier.)

wrapLunch was also easy to prepare and something I just came up with due to the ingredients in my fridge – but I loved the combination so much, that I will have it more often: tempeh and bacon, delicious, I can tell you. I simply fried the bacon, added sliced tempeh and used the bacon fat to make it crisp, added the spinach to wilt slightly, topped a wrap with cream cheese, fried stuff and tomato slices…

pear and wrapadded a pear for good measure and reheated the wrap at work for 30 seconds in the microwave. That was satisfying!

yogurt messStill, when I came home my tummy was grumbling again, telling me that it badly needed a pick me up: I crumbled half a leftover Paleo Carrot Cake Muffin in some greek yogurt added a handful of Kellog’s Toppas and Blackberry Chia Jam on top, and called it a yogurt mess.

watermelonFollowed by the last spoons of my watermelon, this was a really satisfying snack. Isn’t it sad when a watermelon is finished? I need to get a new one asap – cannot believe that watermelon season will be over soon.

soupAfter a good tabata workout, which I will share over the next days, I decided that it was time for soup. I’ve been having soups for dinner a few days in a row now and I can tell you that there is nothing that makes my tummy more happy. Might be due to my Russian heritage. My mom told me that we’ve been having soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner a lot when I was little. This one was made of beef stock, turkey meat balls, butternut squash, cabbage and buckwheat. The only thing that is not so Russian…


is my spicy addition to every soup. Sriracha just makes everything taste better. I don’t use so much that it overpowers the other flavors, just enough to add some zing.

lemon cake protein pudding

An hour later I finished my day of eats with a special dessert: Lemon Cake Protein Pudding. I fell in love with a casein protein powder with lemon cake flavor (it’s from Micellar Casein, I don’t know if you can purchase it where you live) and love it as a night time snack. For the pudding I mixed one scoop of casein with one tabelspoon greek yogurt and some water. I left it in the fridge to thicken up and added Blackberry Chia Jam as topping (what else?).

That was my Tuesday foodwise. Curious to see what you guys mumbled!

Do you eat soups on a regular base? What is your favorite hot sauce? Any protein powder favorites?