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Before we start with the sweaty part of today’s post I’d like to share a few news with you.

First, I got a new phone and finally joined the instagram party! If you are interested in daily pictures of my life and eats follow me.

Second, I updated my about page and got a bit more personal with my story. So if you are interested to read how I found my own little happy place check it out.

And third, the most exciting news: I was chosen by Robyn + Quinn to be featured on Healthy Cooking Camp with my entry for the Salad Fest 2013! I got the mail while I’ve been talking on the phone with Jay and he might need a hearing instrument now, that’s how loud I screamed with excitement.

But let’s see the mean little workout I came up with to make me sweat and hopefully you too!

tabata time workoutAll you need is a barbell, enough weight to challenge you through the workout – I used four 2-pound discs, a skipping rope and an exercise mat.

Set your timer to 40 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. If you are just starting to work out, you could also go with 30 or even 20 seconds work, do whatever feels right for you!

1. Skipping
2. Weighted Squats (*pic)
3. Burpees
4. Deadlift (*pic) and Press (*pic)
5. Mountain Climber
6. Knee Raises (*pic or *pic 1 & pic 2)
7. Skipping
8. Tricep Dips (*pic)
9. Burpees
10. Lunge & Kick (right) (*pic 1 & pic 2)
11. Mountain Climber
12. Lunge & Kick (left)
13. Skipping
14. Toe Touch Crunch with Bar (*pic)
15. Burpees

Go for 1 to 3 rounds, depending on your level of training. I did 2 and some stretching and it took me 45 minutes to complete.

As you can see in this workout one strength exercise is followed by one cardio exercise, this way your heart rate is kept high and you are going to seriously sweat it out. If you look like this afterwards, you know you’ve done it right:

Check out what a sweetheart Amanda is:


So now you know: if you want to glisten, you either need to turn into Edward from Twilight and get your a** in the sun:

edward is a fairy

(just wanted to get it out there 🙂 )

or, for those of you who don’t dream of being bitten by a Vampire, do this workout.