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A few days ago I listened to this amazing Podcast from Katie (Wellness Wonderland) with her guest Isabell Foxen Duke:

It was so unbelievably inspiring and offered a lot of quotes which made my thoughts go crazy. So obviously I needed to write another Intuitive Eating post and share all of my thoughts with you. I just took them down in the order they appeared in the podcast, there is no specific logical sequencing, thus I hope the post will not be all over the place.

“Your brain does not hear negatives!”

no negatives

How cool is that! I remember that I read that somewhere, but somehow forgot to talk about this on the blog. This is such an important thing to know if you are dealing with body awareness and diet related issues. It’s a big big reason why diets do not work: if you are thinking all the time about “No cake, no cookies, no cupcakes…” all your brain hears is “Cake, cookies, cupcakes…” No wonder you start to crave all this stuff all the time. As I mentioned before: restricting myself from anything does not work for me. It makes me feel miserable and creates cravings.

“Do you want body acceptance? Are those extra 5/10/20 pounds worth your sanity?”

That is another so important aspect of achieving a more intuitive eating behavior. You need to truly want it. Want to stop dieting, want to become healthy, want to accept your body the way it is – not the way it could be when you lose a few pounds. You also accept that it takes you a few steps going there and that you eventually gain weight on your way there. You most probably will loose it as soon as you found your balance, but it is possible that you weigh more than you thought to be perfect for you. And you have to accept that if you want to be truly happy in your own body and stop the food and diet addiction.

Kamie from Sensual Appeal wrote a great inspiring post regarding this topic.

“Create a wonderful life so eating becomes less important.”

(source: http://daytobeyou.com )

We, who spend hours over hours reading fitness and diet magazines, searching the web for the best way to shed those last pounds, taking down every morsel which went in our mouth to know the exact number of calories and macro nutrients we consumed that day, beaten us down for not sticking to the diet or exercise plan, to fill our free time and kill the boredom, we need to get a life. We need to discover our passions, get social, enjoy spending the time doing things we love instead of beating ourselves up for not torturing our body and mind anymore.

“Start being yourself and start taking note of what this person really does.”

That is a followup to the paragraph above. When you have freed your mind of all the diet-crap you will find all the stuff hidden behind it, the good and the bad. You will most likely find issues that you did not like to deal with and thus thought about losing weight all the time, so you have to work them out now to go on with your life. But you will also find what you are passionate about, what makes you lovable as a person, what you want to do with your life.

“It’s pretty impossible to remove emotions from food.”

So true. Most of us who get in touch with the idea of intuitive eating had problems with emotional eating before. Whether it was a full on binge eating disorder or using food to soothe yourself instead to nurture your body. Believing that food will be freed from emotions at some point of your life is pretty delusional. Good tasting food will make you happy, bad tasting food will disappoint you. And that is not a bad thing. A bad thing is if you try to solve problems with food that it will never be able to solve. Eating out of loneliness, boredom, anger, guilt – this is what we want to stop and start actually dealing with these emotions instead of soothing them with food which does nothing in the long term.

“The Hunger/Fullness Diet / The Mindful Eating Diet

is a contradiction in itself. You want to stop dieting and start another diet? Does this sound as wrong to you as it did to me? So let’s get our head around it.

  • It is all about balance and moderation, it is okay to eat when not hungry from time to time, that is totally normal. You will go out and enjoy the special occasion food so much that you eat more of it than you normally would, you will be invited to have a delicious piece of dessert and instead of making yourself declining it, though you really want it, you enjoy every bite you’d like and avoid to develop cravings afterwards.
  • Focusing all the time on when you are hungry and the next meal to come is just another way to overemphasize the role of food.
  • “Sometimes it’s cool to just sit down and watch TV, it’s okay to not be aware all the time.” Funny thing is that just yesterday I stumbled over an old running with spoons post regarding this topic – it totally hit the point.

“It’s not about the food, it’s how you feel about yourself and your relationship to the food.”

It is not about having treats, or not having them. It is about feeling more relaxed when it comes to eating and choosing what you have, not beating yourself up for eating something you think you shouldn’t. Stop thinking you should not have something that you want to eat. Food is just not that important. Your sanity is.

“Stop the fat talk, throw away the tiny clothes you never want to fit into again and get a life!”

Duh, I bet that is something everyone has in his closet: the jeans/top/skirt/… you know you will never fit in again and that this is a good thing. But somehow deep inside there is this devilish voice telling you to keep them because you’ll probably somehow magically drop this pounds and become unhealthy, skinny you again. If this happens take a deep breath, tell the voice to shut the f*** up and give the clothes to goodwill, because there is most likely someone who has way better use for them then you do – or you can start using them as a cleaning rag, whatever suits you.

Enough of the deep mindful talk, to end the post I’d love to share today’s lunch with you:

Banana Almond Butter Protein Smoothie for lunch? If I crave it, you bet I will have it!