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Today was date night day and Jay and I enjoyed our Sunday eating pancakes, chilling in my bed watching movies and going out for dinner (more on that tomorrow).

Thus I decided it would be a good day to share some of the strange search engine terms that lead people to my blog:

“heaven with a hole in it” – no comment necessary

i am a 12 years old girl taller than my brothers pics – I bet that is a cool thing, though I didn’t quite understand what you mean by that and I really don’t know how my blog could help with it

dirty cereal bowl breakfast – do I have a recipe for that? If so, please link it up in the comments I’d love to have this for breakfast tomorrow.

bethenny frankel naturally thin ate too many cookies – seriously? I highly doubt that Bethenny had a decent cookie in the last 40 years of her life and if you read her book or my review on that term, you will notice that there is nothing natural about her being so damn skinny.

sample for 60 year old cupcakes Urghs. Who wants to have that?

what will porridge cinnamon and ginger do for me Your math homework, clean up your room, fly you to the moon and back, probably – but I am sure that it fills your tummy till the next meal.

man in coma after juicing for a week – sounds quite shocking, now I need to start googleing – thank you very much.

ninja smoking when making cookie dough – tell me, WHAT?!

is carrot cake good to eat when detoxing – sure, so are chocolate pralines  pasta Alfredo and margaritas – I call it the “undiet detox” which leads to inner peace and happiness, you should give it a try!

coffee and chocolate sure make my day – Amen! Finally someone who I am sure found the right blog! Hello, welcome in Health Ninja land, take a seat, grab a cup of coffee, let me offer you some chocolate and let’s have a fabulous time together!