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Yesterday Jay and I spent our date night stuffing our faces with delicious Mongolian food for free! How that you wonder? It’s due to something I like to call a part-time job of mine: Secret Guest Restaurant Testing. I signed up for Secret Guest Missons on a homepage a while ago and now I get an offer once a month to visit a nearby restaurant and test their food for free. It’s fun, I would definitely make that a full time job if somebody would pay me for it. Sadly no one offered me that so far.

Lucky us, this offer was for our favorite restaurant chain – Jay and I love Mongolian Barbecue and if it weren’t so expensive we would have it every week, as well as huge sushi platters and steak. But hey, it wouldn’t be that special if you could have it every day, right?

We started our evening with the bread basket, but since we had an early lunch and no snack, we were starving and not patient enough to wait for a picture. At least you get an impression of the offer: curried and plain baguette with a sweet chili mayonnaise.
bread basket

The real starter was delicious, too: water chestnut curry soup with a nice ginger zing. We just ate half of the small bowl to leave room for the actual BBQ.soup

Round number one: fish and seafood in Thai hummer sauce with green leafed vegetables and water chestnuts.seafood

Round two: Meat variations – beef, zebra and rabbit – with udon noodles, oyster mushrooms, green leafed vegetables, cranberries and cashews in peanut sauce.
udon and meat

And that was that. I was so full afterwards and still needed to have dessert, that I decided to stay at the table while Jay went for another round – he regretted it afterwards while fighting through his third bowl.death by chocolateShared dessert: Death by Chocolate – warm gooey chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. “Shared” = I ate 2/3, Jay a forkful and the rest were sad leftovers, since we both were too full for chocolate cake. Sad story.

The great thing with Mongolian BBQ is: after two hours your body is done digesting the vegetables and you feel a lot better – or hungry again, like Jay. But his bottomless pit of a stomach is another story.

That was that on my marvelous date night! What makes your day marvelous?