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Happy Foodie-Wednesday! Does anyone else have the feeling that the days fly by at the moment? Wasn’t it just the beginning of summer yesterday and this morning I actually put on my boots and jacket for what feels like one of the first days of fall? Not that I am complaining: I love fall season with it’s warm colours, cheap pumpkins and cozy fashion.fall fashionHappy me, I also got the first Hokkaido pumpkin of the season a few days ago. But it’s so decorative on my kitchen table, that I did not have the heart to cut it up yet. Yesterday’s eats were nonetheless delicious. Let’s start the party with a huge thank you to Jenn for hosting it!

My day started with an early snack yesterday, before Jay and I headed out for our gym session.milk bun

The picture is reused, I had a milk bun with peanut butter sans the watermelon – but I promise it looked exactly the same.

scrambled egg

After 2.5 hours of fun in the gym we came home to a big brunch: Jay’s mom made scrambled eggs, I added cherry tomatoes and a slice of turkey and had the breakfast I prepared earlier: Yogurt Protein Mess.

chicken adobo

Lunch was a lucky one: Jay’s mom had leftover chicken adobo to use as rice bun filling, but since she bought the wrong dough happy us could eat it with whatever we wanted. I took some home and reheated it with some tempeh cubes, peas and broccoli; added a side of kasha and had a late lunch.

paleo protein bars

Later I did some recipe-creating. On the list were Paleo Zucchini Protein Bars with Cranberries. I wanted to make a 1/4 cup of all ingredients recipe, but sadly this wasn’t enough to create a fluffy bar and left me with thin stripes. Thus I made sandwich bars out of it, filled them with greek yogurt vanilla fluff and topped them off with melted dark chocolate:

chocolate drizzle

They are still delicious and I demolished two of them yesterday already. As soon as the batch is gone I’ll do a retry with 1/2 cup and share the recipe if it works out.

fruit basket

I also snacked on my fruit basket: an apple and a nectarine where my fruit of choice today. Fruit is the such a satisfying yet healthy snack and I am enraged every time I hear somebody claim that fruit is oh so high in sugar and should be avoided for weightloss. Let me tell you something: that is total bullsh**! You can eat fruit all day long and still lose weight. It is way better for you than those diet shakes, artificial protein diet bars or low fat fake sugar puddings.

baked butternut squas

Due to my late lunch and Paleo Bar experiments I wasn’t that hungry when the evening came around. I also knew that I would not make it through the Marketing Juniors meeting from 8 – 10 pm without eating anything before, so I decided to have a smaller meal. In my opinion, sometimes it’s intuitive to have a small meal even if I am not really hungry to avoid hunger pangs later on. This dinner was actually pretty amazing: I took the leftover butternut squash bottom, scooped it out, coated the surface with coconut oil and cinnamon and baked it for 20 minutes in the oven. Filled with cottage cheese and with a side of crisp bread with goat cheese, pesto and cherry tomatoes this was a surprising success.

How’s the weather in your parts? Do you eat when your hungry or follow scheduled meals? What is your favorite snack at the moment?