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Since my weekend is treating me well, I thought it would be time for another “Free Friday” post to show you what made my day perfect. I woke up with the best mood ever yesterday morning, ready to go for our second workout (remember me telling you about getting a gym membership earlier this week?)!
waiting for jayWaiting for Jay, taking awkward pictures of myself… that’s what Instagram does to you!

gym timeGym time! We tried to be more efficient with our time and managed to be done in less than 2 hours with warm up, lifting, stretching, intervall cardio – compared to Tuesdays 2.5 hours this was pretty fast. Afterwards I felt like walking on clouds – thank you endorphins!

pw lunchOur post workout meal consisted of scrambled egg, pickles, rice and leftover beef roulade – thanks Amanda, we loved it! I also cut up banana and watermelon for both of us, the only way to make Jay eat fruits – they need to be cut up in front of him, otherwise he just doesn’t bother (ain’t they all like children?).sinas gardenAfterwards I visited Sina for coffee and cake, since she teased me with pictures of her Manhattan Cheesecake the day before.

manhattan cheesecake

Imagine an almond-crust topped with two different creamy cheesecake layers… now swoon! She promised me to hand over the recipe so I can share it on the blog soon.

prettiest girl in the world

We had a great talk and enjoyed the sunny weather in her garden. Since surprisingly yesterday we had a short break from the fall-weather that hit Germany recently: Blue sky and over 25° C – nice.

blue sky

I did a quick grocery haul and headed over to my friends for BBQ.

They both leave for a semester abroad in a few days, she goes to Bali (I call it her holiday semester) and he to Shanghai (so jealous, I miss the city big time). bbq table

The food was delicious: chicken, sausages, corn on the cob, salad, baguette, red wine and…marshmellowsmarshmallows for dessert. Needless to mention that I was demolished but happy when I finally made it to bed around midnight.

What made your Friday perfect?