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Happy Sunday foodie friends. Today I decided to revive the Health Ninja Weekly theme.

My Posts

  1. Secret Guest Mongolian BBQ {save money on date night} seafood
  2. Getting a Gym Membership {bonus yogurt protein mess recipe}DSC_0114
  3. What I Ate Wednesday {work it out}
    baked butternut squas
  4. Tempeh Bacon Burger {the other BLT} blt
  5. Free Friday {make it perfect}

Favorite Reads

Lot’s of love to these amazing ladies and their beautiful words:

Your Healthiest You: What Image Do You See in the Mirror?

Robin shared her own experience struggling with her body image and some advice how to get over it.

Mangoes & Miles: Skinny Does Not Equal Happy

Beth talks about giving up self-rejection and choosing to be happy instead. A lot of beautiful thoughts and wise words in one post.

Running with Spoons: . WIAW … never say never.

Amanda took a slightly different attempt on WIAW this week and shared with us all the foods she eats nowadays that she avoided in the past. Some serious food for thought.

My Less Serious Life: The Best Advice

Sarah has some great thoughts and an amazing attitude when it comes to mindless remarks from people regarding weight gain. Amazingly straightforward.

Peas and Crayons: Baby Got BUMP!

Jenn shared a picture wrap up of her pregnancy and also some encouraging words when it comes to PCOS. Lot’s of love to baby peas, we cannot wait for your arrival!

Eat Live Run: Ethiopia: On the Ground

Jenna’s back from Ethiopia where she spend a few days with the fashionABLE team. Read her travel recap and check out the amazing cause behind it!

Nice Finds

Hahaha, sorry but this gave me side stitches from laughing hard!

Favorite Eats

*post workout fuel
*Sina’s Manhattan Cheesecake
*Balsamic Pesto Burger @HansimGlueck
*healthy breakfast sandwich on the road

Tell me about your faves!