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Happy foodie Wednesday! I woke up today feeling amazing and neither the cool weather nor the idea of spending the next 6 hours in the office could change that. It might be due to me having the next week off – at least regarding my part time job, I’ll still have to spend office time on my master thesis. Or it might be due to my aunt visiting, staying at my mom’s till Sunday. We three have plans to spend some “girl”-time on Thursday and have a serious Russian cooking marathon on Friday. I will make sure to share a lot of pictures and probably a recipe with you guys!

I am also amazed how many great posts are currently published around the blog world on topics like body image, natural eating, self love and so on. They all inspire me a lot and I really want to write a post on a topic close to my heart this week. So stay tuned for that. By the way, all links to these amazing posts will be linked up in this weeks Health Ninja Weekly on Sunday.

Enough off topic talk, let’s start todays party with yesterdays eats and treats!

A big hug for our host Jenn and baby peas – did you see her chocolate chip banana bread recipe already?

breakfast oatsMy Tuesday started in good old foodie manner: fluffy oats, greek yogurt, blueberries, almond butter & agave drizzle. Accompanied by a cup of coffee, I finished yesterdays blog post and read through some of yours. Then the food prep for the day started:snacks

Office-snack: fruit salad with melon, pear and yesterday’s blackberries, and a paleo protein bar as well as a piece of dark chocolate.


Office-lunch needed to be easy digestible since I planned on hitting the gym at 2 pm and my stomach tends to get upset when I eat too much too close before working out. English muffin with turkey breast, tomato, spinach and avocado plus a side of cherry tomatoes it was. It worked great.Β  coffee

I have to admit – a few cups of coffee really help with my productivity and yesterday I managed to get some important stuff done on my master thesis.

Afterwards I made use of the gym next door and went through the circuit, which Jay designed for us. Not only was it the first time for me working out in this branch of our gym, but also the first time doing the circuit by myself. Sadly the equipment wasn’t exactly the same, it took me quite some time to find the workout machines I needed and one wasn’t available at all…barbells

also it was a bit strange to be the only female training in the guy-section. By the way – look at these dumbbells compared to my 1-liter-water bottle. They looked like 20 kg, but weighed only 8 kg (~18 pounds). Guess guys feel better when they lift something huge.blackberry smoothie

When I finally made it home at around 5 pm, I needed some quick energy before taking a shower and cooking dinner. A nana & blackberry smoothie with vanilla rice protein was exactly what I craved for my post-workout, pre-dinner snack. Look at this color! Isn’t it unreal?stir fry

Dinner consisted of a bed of brown rice topped with a quick stir fry: chicken breast, green beans, broccoli and mushrooms in hoisin sauce.paleo protein bars

I also devoured half a protein bar for dessert while packing the remainings for Sina to enjoy. I love to share what I baked: a) it makes the people happy who recieve it and b) I get rid of them quicker and can bake new stuff. Exactly what I plan doing today: this Cinnamon Roll Scones are next on my list.dry red

In the evening we had our weekly Marketing Juniors meet up and since it was all girls yesterday, we enjoyed some girl talk and good laughs while sipping delicious Spanish wine. (Of course we did also some work on our projects…) The day couldn’t end on a better note.

What meals can you recommend to eat before or after working out in the middle of the day? Do you sometimes use coffee to be more productive? What is your favorite drink to enjoy when you are out with friends?