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Paleo Protein Bars {all natural}

paleo protein bars Healthy and delicious protein bars without any added protein powder. These goodies are gluten-free and also paleo, if you use almond butter for the top layer. The secret ingredient? Zucchini – sneaky greens.


Food For Thought {the wisdom found in picking blackberries}

blackberries This Tuesday had a slightly unusual theme: ever considered how philosophical blackberry picking can be? Enjoy some of my berry wisdom and pictures here.



What I Ate Wednesday {violet smoothie and girl talk}

blackberry smoothie

Our weekly foodie party showcased a day of my eats build around my new gym routine. Wonder what to eat pre- or post-workout? Here I shared what worked best for me and in the comments you’ll find some reader recommendations.

The Way We Eat {is it all in our genes}


This week I started a fascinating discussion on HN. Does our heritage affect the way we eat and what foods we thrive best one? I shared my own experiences, born in Russia and raised in Germany and enjoyed all of the interesting thoughts and opinions shared in the comments. I am sure there will be a follow up post coming soon.

Russian Cooking Marathon {pirogi}


The week ends with an epic Russian cook down. 5 pirogi variations will satisfy your sweet, salty and umami tooth. If you are interested in trying new cuisines – I can just recommend pirogi. Who doesn’t like turnovers? Dumplings, wontons, raviolis, swabian pockets – every culture has it’s own.

Favorite Reads

Healthy VS Clean – Katalyst Health

Kate wrote an amazing post about the importance of being realistic about your diet: clean 100% of the time is not the definition of health, since health consists of physical as well as mental aspects.

Where Do I Get My Motivation – Peachy Palate

Michelle shares some great advice on staying motivated to follow a healthy lifestyle. She marks that it isn’t about willpower – everyone can live healthy if he/she builds the right habits, not restrictions. 

Your Body Your Rules – Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish

Laura is beautifully open about her own journey towards accepting her body at a healthy weight. With her amazing sassy words she stresses the importance of being healthy instead of trying to equal crazy media ideals.

Intuitive Eating My Style – Snack Therapy

Carly rocks! She manages to fit a good laugh and a serious to the bones topic in one post and makes it so relatable. With this post she shares a part of her Intuitive Eating journey and what helped her to get out of the chronic dieting cycle.

Sixteen Month Ago – Undressed Skeleton

Taralynn is my inspiration of the week. She talks about the difficulties of growing up, choosing to be who you are instead of what others want you to be. And gives useful steps for how to get out of a phase in your life that makes you unhappy. 

The Mayonnaise Jar – Running With Spoons

And last but not least: an inspirational little story shared by Amanda. Ever considered what fills your life up and why there isn’t room for what’s truly important?

Nice Finds

Is it pumpkin season already? Please… I miss you spaghetti squash, dear butternut, beautiful hokkaido and I’d love to finally get my hands on you kabocha!

Live More Weigh Less Challenge

I am sure I mentioned a few months ago how stunning Sarah Jenks approach to intuitive eating is. Now she is hosting a free 28-day challenge, starting on September 3rd, inspiring you to make your life more beautiful! I joined and cannot wait for all the cute little ideas to come.

Favorite Eats

Healthy Cinnamon Roll Scones – Apple of my Eye

Christines Cinnamon Roll Scones were a big hit! My mom and aunt loved them and so did my boyfriend. Plus they are so easy to make, that I am sure I will be baking scones a lot more often in the future and probably even freeze some for a quick and sweet breakfast.