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Happy Wednesday foodie friends. I am just back from my run and now I need to hurry and get this post up before getting at least some writing (damn you master thesis) in. I got a question for you here: with developing a more intuitive eating behavior, I also claim for more intuition when it comes to sport. I try not to overdo it, do only sports I love and listen to my body when it needs rest. This morning I was really craving a good run after reading through some great blog posts. I assembled a new playlist, got me all hyped up… just to remember that this evening is kickboxing class. So that would mean over 2 hours of workout, mainly cardio, in one day. I consider myself a fit person, working out 3-4 times per week, and I have no doubt that my body can handle that much sport in a day. But on the other hand is it an unnecessary stress factor? What are your thoughts on that? I am curious. (And I bet that would be a great topic for a whole post on it’s own, but I just wanted to get it out today.)

Yesterdays eats from B to D – breakfast to drinks, in that case:oatmeal

I am still on my yogurt mess rut, but this bowl is seriously too good to not enjoy it 5 times a week – on the weekends I change it up a bit, promised!

After refueling I finally made it to the grocery store to fill up my, at that point swept out, fridge:fridge

Aaaah, better! Count in the butternut squash, avocado, galia melon, apples, plums and bananas hangin in my fruit basket and I am good for the week (will probably need to get some eggs and milk, but apart from that).

wine gums

I nibbled on a few wine gums while getting all unpacked and preparing lunch.meatball soup

Lunch was inspired by one of my purchases: turkey tuna meat balls – sounds strange, but is soooo good! (For you Germans out there: check out your local LIDL, I found them among the specials in the cooling section.) As I mentioned in my post about genes and how they affect us nutritionally, I am quite a soup person. And meatball soup is one of my favorites. Throw in some pasta shells, hokkaido squash, zucchini and mushrooms and you got me happy.nana bread

Later in the afternoon I enjoyed a piece of Jenn’s dark chocolate banana bread topped with more nana and almond butter and a side of coffee & chocolate.lou

Lou became quite a diva with all of the attention she got on Mondays post. I swear she is now posing all day long, waiting for me to shoot a few more pictures. #beggingforthespotlight

After spending the late afternoon in the library, fighting not to fall asleep during my research, I had a nice reward boosting me to get through with it. Two friends and I had a Wednesday dinner and wine date, which included some great talks and delicious food:

beef wrapLook at this gorgeous plate of potato wedges with sweet chili sauce and wrap filled with salad and beef strips. The red wine wasn’t too bad either… as well as the white wine spritzer later and the piece of garlic bread which accompanied it. Isn’t it nice to pamper yourself once in a while? Good food, delicious wine and amazing company is exactly what I need for that.

Hope you guys have an amazing day and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the workout related topic mentioned on top! But you are also welcome to share your favorite ways to pamper yourself, or whatever else is on your mind 🙂