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Spending Time With My Loves {what’s marvelous about my Sunday}

jay chillin

Celebrating “Marvelous Monday” with the blogsphere, I shared an insight in my marvelous Sunday: brunching, baking, cuddling, hanging, and a date night. What more can a girl wish for?



Longing For Fall {shopping for fall fashion}

fallfashionTen reasons why I long for fall and a quick fall fashion haul. Happy to see that you guys are waiting for this beautiful season just as much as I am. Let’s share a cup of pumpkin latte and dream about comfy socks, a good book and a fireplace.


What I Ate Wednesday {filling up my fridge}

fridgeThis Wednesday I reported my day of eats from B to D – Breakfast to Drinks. And you got a quick glance into my fridge, after I finally filled it up again. Also we had a good little discussion on working out twice a day – what to do if you really crave a run, but know you have a cardio class later that day?


Liebster Award {random facts and nominations}

3a031-liebster2I was nominated for the Liebster award by the lovely Cait from Piece of Cait. It was a lot of fun to think of some random facts about me and my life that you guys might not know yet, as well as making up questions for my nominations to answer. Check out the 11 amazing lady’s at the end of the post, their blogs are all worth a visit!


The Penguin Principle {and how it affected me personally}

penguinMy favorite post of this week contains a thoughtful story and some changes in my current path of studies. It is nice to be so open and write everything right out of your mind – quite liberating. One of the reasons I started blogging in the first place.


Favorite Reads

How Technology Changed UsĀ – Sensual Appeal

Kami wrote a thoughtful post about the development of technology and the influence it has on our daily life. In the good and the bad way. So interesting!

How I Got A New Job – Sweet Miles

Sarah shared the story how she found the courage to give up her save, well paid job to do something she’s passionate about instead. This post was truly inspiring, especially due to my current situation. It’s also really exciting to me since she now works in a field I plan to work in when I got my masters degree.

Let’s Talk about Backless Dresses and Undergarments – Skunkboy Blog

For all the girls out there who’d love to wear backless dresses, but shy away since they don’t have a bra which would go underneath – amazing Katie found the solution to your problem. Thank you so much, Katie. You changed my world… kind of.

Nice Finds

French Fridays on Food, Fitness & Happiness

Julie, a blogger from french Canada, blogs in French every Friday. Since I am reviewing my French skills at the moment and will probably spend my semester abroad in France, I am totally excited about that idea and will try to read through some of her Fridays.

Canon 600D on SALE!


This is more of a nice buy, but I consider it a nice find since my dad found an amazing deal and I finally – FINALLY – after more than a year of longing, bought a Canon EOS 600D, my first DSLR. More on that soon… (Excuse the pj’sĀ yes, those are dancing cookies and the out-of-bed face, I just had to hop out of bed and start playing with my new toy)

Favorite Eats

No Bake Almond (Peanut) Fudge Bars – Running With Spoons

fudge protein bars

I made a batch of Amandas protein bars yesterday. It was the perfect opportunity to get rid of some of the nearly tasteless peanut butter I purchased recently. Luckily Jay had vanilla whey protein at home and I got 1/3 a cup of it. Then the project nearly failed since no grocery store I went to had rice crispy cereal. I used multigrain crisps instead, which are bigger but just as crunchy and it worked out fine. If you haven’t tried making a similar recipe yet – try this. So quick and easy, it’s a keeper.