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Let’s talk about my new toy today: the Canon EOS 600D! Since I justified the buy by telling myself it’s an investment in the blog, I thought I should at least make a post about it.

First, look how beautiful it is:


(not to mention how good it makes me look 😀 )

And now what it can do:

IMG_0082Show off the structure of my banana plant.


And also give proof of my amazing cooking skills. I am such a chef!

IMG_0078But look: even the worst cooking failure looks like a delicious plate of food thanks to my Canon.

IMG_0027Even an early morning meal is looking sharp! Now my oatmeal bowls are becoming true stars.

IMG_0085And even a pile of library books look less intimidating.

Enough proof of my new love! I am still an absolute beginner when it comes to photography and so curious to learn more about it. Good thing that I got a gift coupon for a photography class earlier this year. It will now be put to good use.

Needless to mention that my new toy made my Monday marvelous, right? Back to work on my also quite marvelous new master thesis!

Wish you all a beautiful start of the week!