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Happy Wednesday Foodies! And welcome to a slightly different day of eats. Yesterday was kind of strange, but when I look back I suppose that a lot of people who don’t care about what they eat and when they eat, would consider it a perfectly normal day. Thinking about how far I’ve come in my intuitive eating journey, I am just amazed that days like this happen and in the late evening I look back, shrug and start the next morning with a bowl of my usual oats.

First thing first: yesterday should have been the day I quit my old master thesis “job” and celebrate the new start at a sushi restaurant with Jay. Sadly the two associates I needed to talk to had no time for a meeting, and offered me an alternative date on Thursday. So I woke up with a weird feeling in my stomach, really not wanting to go to the office, with friendly people around asking me how it goes and if I need help with anything. So instead of following my usual morning routine: getting up early, doing some stretching, making coffee, preparing breakfast, sitting down to eat and read some blog posts… instead I stayed in bed, read a few pages of a bad-quality romantic novel (still quite enjoyable), cuddled with the cat and needed to make a quick bakery stop to get my breakfast.

My tummy was grumbling loudly when I finally made it to the office and got the first bite of my granola bun, followed by a milk bun with raisins pretty soon. The rest of my office time was spend hiding behind the monitor, hoping that nobody would open the door for some small talk. I suppose it’s not a surprise that my appetite was down when lunch time came around.IMG_0110

With Jay waiting at home for me to grab our stuff and head to the gym, I managed to chug a quick nana-spinach-protein smoothie in the early afternoon. A pretty good choice for some quick pre-strength-workout energy.

IMG_0127Lifting iron makes a girl hungry! Considering I didn’t have a decent meal the whole day I made late afternoon “linner” time (is this a thing? I heard about brunch and brinner, but what about a combination of lunch and dinner?): shared a tuna pizza with Jay and added a side of chicken nuggets and salad (which should have been my office lunch). Comfort food at it’s best.

We finished our day with some episodes of Supernatural. A recommendation for all former Buffy fans: Season 6 episode 5 with with guest stars Spike (James Marsters) and Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter).


Salty crisps for him and chili flavoured corn kernels for me. I am a huge fan since my Morocco vacation in 2008. It also makes the perfect movie snack and is a nice change if you are sick of the usual popcorn.


Here you have my slightly different WIAW. Now I am curious to get some meal inspiration from you guys, since I haven’t done some proper cooking in a few days. My oatmeal seems to be the dish I put the most effort in currently.

I’ve gotΒ  a sweet potato, a butternut squash and some zucchinis sitting in my fridge. Also some minced meat, eggs and Mozarelle cheese. Ideas?