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It’s my 200th post on Health Ninja!

partyEverybody got a drink? Fine, let’s see what the last 5 posts have been about:

My Posts


Marvelous Monday {in love with my canon}

This weeks “Marvelous Monday” featured my new DSLR! I had so much fun shooting everything in sight – what’s not able to jump out of the picture, thanks Jay 😉 He’s quite camera shy, other than me, obviously.




Food For Thought {sometimes you have to be reckless}


On Tuesday I shared my thoughts in a more serious topic. Is being reckless sometimes the wise thing to do? I shared three personal experiences in which to my opinion it’s better to be reckless than to regret it in the long run.


What I Ate Wednesday {kind of strange}


“What I Ate Wednesday/Tuesday” was a strange one. Getting through a day at the company I started writing my master thesis in, though I knew I would be quitting this week was killing my appetite – I made up for it with a huge comfort food ‘linner’.


Turkey Meatball Soup {light and easy dinner}

light meatball soup

On Thursday, after a way easier and friendlier resignation than I apprehended, I finally got back into the recipe groove. Having a DSLR and not using it to make the most beautiful food pictures would have been a shame. So to get back into actual cooking I started of with a light, paleo and gluten-free, soup.

Step By Step Recipes {tuna cherry tomato scramble}

tuna tomato scramble

And since I was already at it. Why not make a second recipe on Saturday, after enjoying Friday of? I started a new series on HN: Step By Step Recipes for beginners and hope to make some more of them in the future. I am always open for recipe suggestions.


Favorite Reads

Oh my, this week was the week of bookmarking. I read so many amazing posts and interesting articles and I am happy to spread the word.

Dear Body: It’s Been a While, Old Friend – Mangoes & Miles

Ever thought writing a letter to your body and apologizing for what you’ve made him go through?  Beth showed us a great method how to get better in touch with what your body needs.

How to Avoid Boredom Eating – Keeping Healthy, Getting Stylish

Laura’s post on Boredom Eating has a surprising hint on how to get your hands and mind busy at the same time without stuffing your face.

“HLB” to Me – Snack Therapy

Carly had two posts I loved this week, but I decided to share this one since it can be really helpful for us bloggers. Sometimes we forget that blogging is not about how often you write a post, which social media channels you use, that you need to share x recipes and x workout related topics per week. Carly brings why we hang around on a blog to the point.

Stop Chasing Happiness by Choosing Happiness – Running With Spoons

Amanda started this week with a Boom! This post is something everyone should read and think about. I definitely will use it as inspiration for my everyday life.

Just Be Your Damn Self – The Good Men Project

This week I fell in love with “The Good Men Project” and especially this post touched my heart. But it’s also a good idea to click around and read some of the others they published.

5 Reasons Editors Decline an Image – Healthy Aparture

And at the end of this weeks good reads a few hints on how to improve your food photography, so that one day far far ahead foodgawker will accept it 😉 .

Nice Finds

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Exercise – Huffpost Healthy Living

This post should be of interest for every one who engages in a sport. What does actually happen in our body while we workout?

Live More. Weigh Less. Free Video Training Series

And It’s Sarah again on HNW. I promise she doesn’t pay me, but her healthy eating concept is so close to my heart and I think that her approach could help a lot of women to become a healthier, happier self. Also, who doesn’t love great, free advice? 

Most Wanted Eats

Kanelsnurror – Ferdakost

Spiced Acorn Squash Cookies – Eat Healthy

Pumpkin Spice Latte – Starbucks

As you might have noticed, fall has totally hit me. I am craving everything pumpkin, cinnamon, sweet and comfy at the moment and there will definitely be some baking happening this week. Also I read on the Starbucks facebook page, that we have a good chance on finally getting a Pumpkin Spice Latte here in Germany – how cool would that be!!!