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What a weekend. Though it was mind-blowing and amazing and delicious, I do feel like I could use one or two days off… But who am I kidding, I love weekends like this one and I could go on and on like that! Boooh Monday, boooh!

An early alarm woke me up on Saturday to get the kitchen cleaned and myself prepared for a whole day of BarCamp fun, hosted by our local Marketing Club (I am a member of the Marketing Club Juniors). It started with a to me extremely interesting lecture on social impact optimization a.k.a. a how to do online marketing and how not.

And was followed by different workshops, one hosted by us Juniors. I got so inspired and have a bazillion ideas for my Master thesis now. Cannot wait to get back to my reading and writing.mc3

Engaging the brain makes one hungry. We skipped the lunch break to fit in another workshop but luckily were provided with amazing finger food throughout the smaller breaks. The pasta salad was especially amazing!

Back home I had half an hour to throw every blouse I own on and send a picture to Sina, helping me decided what to wear for the evening event – a 50th birthday party hosted in the VIP lounge of our local soccer stadium. I really wasn’t in the mood for high heels and a dress after this day, so I went with beige ballerinas, black pants, a playful blouse and a black cardigan.Β 

The evening was such a personal and beautiful event, even though close to 200 people where invited. And the food and drinks were to die for: I chose the pinot gris, we all had tomato soup with molecular basil noodles as starter, I chose the beef tenderloin with a side of gnocchi and hokkaido squash for the main course and ended the evening with a delicious white mocha ice cream and one spoon each of the chocolate mousse and creme brulee, since both weren’t that good.IMG_0307

Sunday morning was spend with some cardio, blogging, sharing the BarCamp results with the members who didn’t attend and attempting a good shot of Lilou, who was obviously way to fascinated with the Canon to hold still. Sina came over for a coffee and helped me out with the strategy for my Master thesis – aaaah, too many ideas in my head! And afterwards Jay and I studied/researched before heading out for date night.
running sushi

We had dinner in a newly opened running sushi restaurant, which also offers a great variety of other Japanese dishes. I have to admit that I merely ate sushi, but mainly stuck with grilled fish and deliciously fried beef. And who could resist a plate of edamame? I obviously can’t. Luckily the waiter came around every 15 minutes to clear away the empty plates, otherwise we would have been ashamed of the towers on our table… oh, the joy’s of running sushi buffets. Needless to mention that all we managed to do after was passing out on my bed and watching a few episodes of Supernatural.sleepykittyLou was begging for cuddles yesterday and I fell asleep with her in my arms. She can be such a darling when she feels like it.

Hope your weekends were just as marvelous as mine? Tell me what you did!