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It’s that day again, the one day in the week to share our Tuesdays eats and get excited by all of the mouth-watering food pictures around. So get yourself some popcorn to keep your mouth busy and let’s get started!

Thanks to the amazing Jenn for hosting the party again! Have you seen the little chickpea yet? She’s such a beautiful little lady and stole all our foodie-hearts with her smile.

Yesterday was the first day in months that I needed to take the bus to work. I have to admit, having a car to use is quite comfortable and I enjoy leaving the house when I want and that the drive just takes me ten minutes instead of twenty. The day before I started watching a new TV series and I just couldn’t stop for bedtime. Since 6 hours of sleep are just not enough after a good workout, I cursed my early morning alarm. It was rainy and dark outside and I just felt like cuddling up under the blankets and stay in bed.

A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do: I sucked it up, made myself a cup of coffee and was happy that I prepared breakfast and snacks the night before.

oatmealBreakfast was my office-classic: nana eggy oats, made in the microwave. They are never as delicious as the stove-top variety, but the next best option when I need something warm in the morning.

snacksTwo hours later I was hungry again and demolished a Choco Monkey Donut (recipe will be up tomorrow), red grapes and a fig.

Do you know those days when you didn’t get enough sleep and your appetite goes through the roof? Yesterday was such a day for me. Shortly after my snack I was hungry again and distracted myself with some work. After a while I went to the cafeteria with my co-worker, got myself a cappuccino and half a turkey roll. I just couldn’t wait for lunch back home.

fall lentil stewLuckily I cooked a huge pot of Fall Lentil Stew on Monday (this step by step recipe will be up this weekend) and it hit the spot on this rainy and cold day.

coffee and chocolateI still needed some coffee and one (or two) chocolate bars for dessert. You know it’s fall when… you can lit a candle in the middle of the day.

water melonAnd while watching Drop Dead Diva the whole day, I dug into the probably last watermelon for this year and some of the chili flavored corn kernels pictured last WIAW.

dddBy the way: Drop Dead Diva was also the series that kept me awake on Monday night. It is unbelievably addictive and you shouldn’t start watching it when studying for exams or writing your master thesis. Confession time: I watched 17 episodes in 2 days. Today I restricted my DDD consumption to cardio on my stationary bike, so that I can get some reading done.

salad rice and turkey

The days are over when I canceled dinner due to snacking all day. I made myself a huge salad with mache, mushrooms, avocado and grapes, added some brown rice, a turkey patty…rainy day red wineand a glass of my current favorite red wine, which also went into the fall lentil stew.

Now tell me: What do you do when your appetite is all crazy?